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Aleksandra and Miecislova

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Švėkšna Lithuania - Birthplace of my Grandmother, Elena Karpavicius
LIetuva (3 photos)
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Fascinating history here.

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Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre Pavilion, Dovre, Norway : photo @ : via :
Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre Pavilion (5 фото)
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Fantastic Video !!!!!!!

Oak Gall Ink
Due to my limited google+ usage, I am not sure how to post this for you:
W. Scott Broadfoot:

From the book:
"Manuscripts Inks", by Jack C. Thompson, The Caber Press, Portland, Oregon,1996.

"The general recipe which I have used to prepare the inks used in my experiments consists of
3 parts of tannic acid to two parts of copperas, all dissolved in 30 parts of water,
(preferably distilled) by weight. One part, more or less, of gum arabic is added to
accomodate the pen used and the material to be written upon. The angle of the writing
surface also plays a role.

"The term '3 parts of tannic acid' deserves some comment. Clearly, 3 grams of Aleppo galls
infused in 30 grams of water will release more tannic acid than, for instance, 3 grams of
shavings from Oregon white oak infused in 30 grams of water; all things being equal, a gall
ink could be expected to be blacker than an oak ink, and this is so, unless a hydrometer is
used to insure that the specific gravity of the resultant tannic acid infusions are
approximately equal. In practical terms, this means that the oak chip infusion is cooked
down to a smaller volume.

Today #google you ROCK! That black box on the search page is unbelievable and very demonstrative!!! End #SOPA!!

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Long Nights Moon. This #collage is the culmination of a long a busy month and several interrupted sessions at the table. I am not entirely pleased with the results, but I am done with this and moving on.
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