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The FCC has proposed rules repealing net neutrality, which seems like a terribly bad thing that will harm internet-based businesses and enrich ISPs.

I just filed this comment on the proposed rules. If you're feeling interested, here are the proposed rules and the form to submit a short or long comment.…/attachmatch/DOC-344614A1.pdf
This is "Proceeding 17-108".

My comment:

"Through most of America, internet service providers have natural monopolies or duopolies because there are steep infrastructure costs that prevent new competitors from entering the market. In the presence of these natural barriers to competition, the benefits of a free market do not apply--in particular, consumers who are dissatisfied with their internet service provider often cannot find a better one.

When this happens in markets for other essential services, we regulate those markets as utilities. For instance, while theoretically a city could have multiple competing telephone systems, the cost of setting up competing telephone lines leads to a natural monopoly, so the government acts to protect the interests of consumers by requiring that the telephone companies operate in an equitable manner. The government protects consumers even though the consumers may have a nominal choice of telephone providers (the telephone company and cable company)--because the market is not free, the consumers need protection.

In Proceeding 17-108, the proposed rules will allow internet service providers to treat traffic from different internet endpoints differently, including blocking such traffic or charging fees to specific internet-based businesses. This is very much akin to telephone providers charging different rates to different telephone-using businesses, for instance making it more expensive for a consumer to call Alice's Plumbing than to call Bob's Plumbing. If we allowed telephone providers to do that, then the telephone providers would be able to engage in a great deal of rent-seeking; they could charge fees to businesses just to get access to customers.

Similarly, removing "net neutrality" regulations will permit internet service providers (ISPs) to engage in exactly this sort of rent-seeking behavior. By charging internet-based businesses fees to get access to that ISP's customers, the ISP can act as a gatekeeper and kingmaker. This rent-seeking will harm competition among internet-based businesses, since the barriers to entry in that market too will become higher. These rules proposed by the FCC will lead to reduced investment and innovation on the internet.

Furthermore, these rules proposed by the FCC will not lead to more investment and innovation among ISPs, either. The lack of such improvement there is caused by lack of competition that is in turn caused by the natural barriers to entry, rather than by the inability of ISPs to charge rents. Instead of these proposed rules, the FCC should use the same rules that currently help provide telephone service to Americans to also help provide internet service to Americans.

The FCC should not enact the rules proposed in Proceeding 17-108. These rules will harm consumers by enabling internet service providers to charge rents from internet-based businesses, leading to a reduction in competition, innovation, and investment on the internet."

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"For enveloped viruses, such as influenza, hepatitis B, and herpes simplex 1, ethanol-based sanitizers are known to be effective. However, the enteric nonenveloped viruses including hepatitis A, poliovirus, and FCV, are resistant to the effects of ethanol."

The moral of the story: hand sanitizer does not protect against "enteric" viruses (including many viruses that cause food poisoning), but it does protect against the flu.

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I find this really worrying: Trump lies to confound those who tell truth, defames the media to undermine the first amendment, and uses wild policies and statements to distract from his blatant conflicts of interest. Even if he doesn't manage to enact all his dangerous policies, he can damage America by creating chaos in our system of government.

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Here are the better pictures I took of Maya and Sam's wedding. I did as well as I could with the lighting (using an old manual lens with good light-gathering abilities), but my poor manual focus skills didn't help either.

Is it worrying that I found myself idly whistling "If I Only had a Brain"?

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Ira makes this concerned face, like he's worried we don't know how to take care of him.

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Ira Zadok Barrett was born on Wednesday, weighing 8lb 14oz. He and Caely are both doing great.

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$ traceroute
14 ( 121.016 ms 120.216 ms 120.306 ms
15 ( 119.132 ms 118.952 ms 117.212 ms
16 ( 119.762 ms 123.163 ms 124.190 ms
17 ( 128.515 ms 129.126 ms 127.714 ms
18 he.rides.across.the.nation ( 134.034 ms 133.802 ms 133.200 ms
19 the.thoroughbred.of.sin ( 140.088 ms 135.811 ms 135.778 ms
20 ( 146.619 ms 146.467 ms 142.930 ms
21 ( 149.402 ms 147.984 ms 140.072 ms
22 it.needs.evaluation ( 153.864 ms 152.129 ms 152.917 ms
23 ( 158.403 ms 163.585 ms 160.359 ms
24 a.heinous.crime ( 163.625 ms 163.539 ms 158.871 ms
25 ( 169.741 ms 170.638 ms 168.840 ms
26 ( 173.631 ms 175.713 ms 172.854 ms
27 ( 175.820 ms 174.163 ms 177.301 ms
28 ( 183.917 ms 183.821 ms 182.447 ms
29 ( 184.947 ms 186.792 ms 190.841 ms
30 he-s.bad ( 195.230 ms 191.136 ms 191.919 ms
31 the.evil.league.of.evil ( 198.241 ms 196.666 ms 198.732 ms
32 ( 201.980 ms 202.864 ms 203.263 ms
33 ( 208.187 ms 208.409 ms 205.753 ms
34 ( 214.058 ms 211.956 ms 209.111 ms
35 ( 218.808 ms 217.978 ms 216.363 ms
36 ( 222.966 ms 223.678 ms 222.768 ms
37 o_o ( 227.376 ms 227.445 ms 228.309 ms
38 you-re.saddled.up ( 233.788 ms 233.756 ms 232.447 ms
39 ( 237.925 ms 236.800 ms 238.099 ms
40 it-s.hi-ho.silver ( 244.326 ms 242.309 ms 241.776 ms
41 ( 243.945 ms 241.538 ms 242.473 ms

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This was partially reassuring.
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