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Craig Adams
Be Happy and Healthy and Love Life!
Be Happy and Healthy and Love Life!

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I'm freelance writing again.  It's too fun to resist and not a bad way to make a few dollars too.  If you can write well, or if you can't are are looking to buy original content for your website, have a look-see.

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I'm just getting started, moving from Untrained, past Novice.

I posted some form videos at and am looking for feedback.  My name is Form Guy.

I can't believe I never got into barbell lifting before.  This stuff is awesome.  Crossfit has the potential to create a healthier population than I would ever have believed!

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Wow.  This is the biggest Powerlifting community on Google+ at 214 members.

The biggest Bodybuilding community has over 20,000.  We've got to spread the word!

I'm only just getting started, but it's a slippery slope this iron bug.

I have posted some of my exercise logs and form videos at  My name is Form Guy and I am looking for some feedback.

I really want to get my form down before I get too heavy.


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I've posted some form videos at and am looking for some tips.  My name is Form Guy and I'm just passing from "Untrained" to "Novice"  I'd like to nail my form before the weights get too heavy.  Cheers!

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I've only recently learned that if you're not getting bigger, you're getting smaller!

I am looking for barbell enthusiasts to check out and give me some feedback.

My name is Form Guy and I'm posting my workout logs and form videos there. Thanks.

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I'm looking for Friends to checkout and give me some feedback.     ;)

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If you've got Beautiful Banff Peeps on your friends list feel free to like and share the love.

Banff Studio, Available October 1st, $1000/inclusive

Wood Burning Fireplace, in suite laundry, $5000 Murphy Wall Bed, Mountain Views, just bring your favorite beverages.

This is an awesome Home for Real Estate on Google+.  Hats off to the moderators. +Elias Nathaniel and +Janis Borgueta are great at sharing and communicating ideas that really help us all.  +Maple Trust Inspections is my business page.  I've been active in this community with it.  But I just couldn't refuse an invite to my personal profile as well.

I guess we all really do have multiple personalities... especially on Google+
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