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We need you support!
As you know we are currently working on a huge version of RAGGED EDGE.
We are a team of 4 people composed of Christophe (Game Design/Programmer) and Alexandre (2D/3D artist) for the core team and Jacques (Story) and Laurent (Music).
We are currently self-funding the developement of the game. We started in January 2014 and we’ll problably be able to go on until April/June 2014. After that date money will become a problem, because we have some bills to pay.
We are currently thinking about using crown funding, or « early access » system. So we need your support.
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Hi Edgers ! New #RaggedEdge Website is online! go to :  and get ready for the #race
Ragged Edge, the game
Ragged Edge, the game
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New Game Concept is Ready

Hi folks,
The « new » RAGGED EDGE have been defined. The team have worked hard to find some nice ideas to enhance the concept of RAGGED EDGE.
But first, let’s explain again what is the basic concept of RAGGED EDGE:
RAGGED EDGE is a racing game, inspired by WipeOut or any other classical spacehip racing games.
A first version o the game have been released on mobile phones (BlackBerry, Samsung). The game featured 15 tracks, 36 races, and 3 game modes. It have online score(time) sharing and global ranking system.  Since its launch in early 2013, more than 100 000 races have been played, and 23 000 « gold » scores have been recorded to the database.
What are the new ideas for RAGGED EDGE :
- HD Version : We are currently working on a « HD » PC version. High visual quality.
- Huge database : All races will be recored to a database. This way, you will always have plenty of others players to challenge (and beat !!!). All events will be recorded. You’ll be able to replay any championship and check how far you can go.
- Career mode : Bring your caracter to the highest rank and win a seat at the famouse pyrate table in the tavern. Build a crew (team) and bring it to the top.
- A complete universe : Come into the tavern and have some fun while betting on races or playing card games. The tavern is also the place where you can talk to other edgers.
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Ragged Edge PC version is on the Road !
Hi Edgers!
Happy 2014 to all!
After the success BlackBerry 10 of Ragged Edge, all The Ragged Edge Team is proud to announce that the PC « HD » version of the game have just started.
New adventures ahead!
Stay tuned…
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RAGGED EDGE is futurist racing game and its universe is based on JACQUES MARTEL’s book « Bloody Marie ».
Compete in illegal races and become a legend. Join the most prestigious crews, and your exploits wil be told endlessly in all RAGGED EDGE taverns.
Only the best edgers will stay in people minds.
Race in the most epic championships and rewrite History.
RAGGED EDGE have been released in 2013 as a mobile game. In 2014, the team have started a new PC high definition version. The game will be available in the next months, first in “early access”, then for beta and final release.
Be part of it!

- Play RAGGED EDGE the way you like :
The game is based on fast pace space races. Many races, many tracks, and so many people to challenge!
YOU are the HERO and you’ll bring your character to the highest levels.
There is always people to play with you, using our giant database. Defeat as many people as possible to get higher rankings. If you feel reckless, then try to be the winner of one of the RAGGED EDGE tournaments.
Start your engines!
- RAGGED EDGE is a whole universe, not only a game !
Come into the RAGGED EDGE tavern and check the latest news about the races.
Want a break ? Bet on next races or play cards games. Get involved into complexe challenges or join a famous crew. There is always something interesting to do in RAGGED EDGE.
Moreover, the game is mainly PC, but you’ll be able to play from any device that will be supported.
- RAGGED EDGE in the future
RAGGED EDGE is and will be a great game. So many updates are coming. Be part of it! We have so many great ideas, let’s join he adventure and tell us what you think about our incoming features.
RAGGED EDGE is also your game, we pay many attention on what player think.
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