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Re-Timer is a wearable green light device that can help re-time your body clock so you can sleep when you want to.
Re-Timer is a wearable green light device that can help re-time your body clock so you can sleep when you want to.

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"The weekend habits that could ruin your sleep for the entire week" - written by Sarah Young The Independent. Read how not to fall into this trap on our BLOG:

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Ever wondered what sleeping tip is right or wrong?
Get the facts straight!
Have a read here:

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"I use my Re-Timer daily. I have found it very helpful in resetting my sleep patterns. I am a shift worker and it really helps me deal with night shifts. I have also found it great for enhancing my moods. It’s a quality product and I would recommend any one try it." Sonia.R - AU

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"Wear Re-Timer Glasses" 1x of the @Expedia Infographic Tips, To Cure Jet Lag Naturally #lovelifehacks @LifehackerAustralia @Lifehacker

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What is your Bed time Routine? Don't have one? Maybe you should... here are some tips below.

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We recently conducted our annual Re-Timer survey.

THANK YOU to our amazing customers for taking the time to complete it and for all of your feedback.

We received SO many great testimonials. I wish I could share all of the stories. Here is just three:

"As a sleep physician I use re-timer every day. It gives me energy and helps me fall asleep faster at night. I recommend it to most of my patients." Dr Rodriguez-cue, USA

"I've used the re timer for 6 months and haven't looked back. Even my partner is happier as I am happier. Bonus." Steve, UK

"It's the best money I've spent in combating insomnia and winter blues." Kirsty, Australia

Thank you again,
From all of us at Re-Timer

If you'd like to read more, visit:

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Health and Fitness Legend Ben Greenfield reviews RE-TIMER. Great detail explaing light therapy and how it works. Feels go out to the Thanks Ben Greenfield Fitness

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Professor Leon Lack give expert advice.
Ever questioned why you shouldn't use your phone before bed?
What effect it does it have?
Is the TV the same?
Understand the difference and how light can actually help you sleep.
‪#‎greenlight‬ ‪#‎lighttherapy‬ ‪#‎nightshift‬ ‪#‎bluelightblocker‬

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We all look for ways to help us get better sleep, sometimes its always good to get back to the basics and start with the brain.
How do you turn of your brain before bed?
Forbes Melody Wilding, LMSW ‪#‎stressedtosleep‬ ‪#‎brianpower‬ ‪#‎bed‬

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"Wake up with-out coffee" Thank you Kimi from The Nourishing Gourmet for this great review. Have a read and dont forget to enter the coupon code on our check out page here:
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