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Has anyone gotten our friends the machines yet?

So I am thinking about warbands... and Mordheim... and thinking about putting together some sort of home-brew package... anybody got any decent Mordheim maps? Any advice or cool spitball ideas?

So I went back into crowdox to redownload my digital downloads. Apperently they are no longer downloadable. Did we loose access to our original gm screen, bitter harvest, etc?

School is finished tomorrow. Thinking about trying to run a Roll20 mini session starting in the next two weeks, any interest?

Now that the GM screen is on DriveThru the next kickstarter is comming... (NOW!)... are we there yet?

I know I have already poked around on how to do this and I am still a bit confused.The question has been, "If you wanted to strait up pick up an adventure or supplement from WHFRP 1st or 2nd editions how do you convert these?"

There is the Kalevala Hammer guide but this mainly focuses on Player Details.

I want to create (or have) a guide for the DM mainly. Monsters, test rolls, NPCs, etc.

Would anyone who knows the concrete answers to this (not just guesses) be willing to work on putting together a document with me we can upload somewhere that people from hear on out can access online? I would be willing to do the layout and formatting if a person with the smarts would work with me on this.

Am I making this more complicated than it needs to be?

Will there be an option to add on any Core Rulebooks (Non-POD version) to the next companion book Kickstarter? Perhaps add this as an option if not?

+cecil howe, been wanting to grab this for a bit. Will you be doing a Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal?
So many fun things, so little money... not trying to hustle you here, but it seems like a reasonable question. Perhaps some sort of bundle deal?

Hey there. I thought we might be getting a largish Scenario Pack/Threat Pack expansion (perhaps sometime this year). Any news on this. Not being pushy or entitled just curious (take my money!). Thanks.
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