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solomon nsumba

Hi Everyone,
You are all reminded of tomorrow's meet up 1 pm at the Thoughtworks office, the purpose is to check on our progress.Thanks

Please if you have not yet responded to this message from Sumeet please do that as soon as possible

The message:
Hi everyone,
I know several of you have asked for a mentor to help you along your journey as technologists and ThoughtWorks is quite keen to offer you this support in the short term. There are several experienced ThoughtWorkers in different countries who will be willing to coach you over the next 3-4 months. This said, there are a few expectations:
You need to be extremely committed to the relationship. It'll be a shame if your mentor is more passionate about this relationship than you. This is an expectation for the entire project team.
Your commitment should show in your regularity on scheduled calls and in your communication with your mentor. In general you should budget to meet at least once a week.
You will need to be very efficient when communicating over Skype, Google+, Email, IM and other such media. 
You will need to share frank and candid feedback with your mentors about what's working and what's not in your relationship. Your mentors will be most willing to adjust their approach to help you along your learning, but they won't know until you tell them.
The scope of mentorship for now will be limited to software development and basic business analysis, customer and requirements management. It could evolve in different directions in due course though. We leave it for you to figure out with your mentor.
If these basic expectations are ok with you, please email me back on and let me know if you and your team mates still want a mentor for your project. Following that, I will make the introductions for you. 

To those that have data cables you can use the main library since the incubation  lab is locked at the moment.Nice day

Anyone at campus please let us know if the incubation lab is open.Thanks
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