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Nicolette Logsdon
I'd rather drink my coffee than figure out Google+
I'd rather drink my coffee than figure out Google+

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Hey, what's up, hello Class of 2010

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Hey! We are the Magnolia Girls. Check us out.
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A new post is up on the blog. Fellow Beyoncé fans may appreciate this one!

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My Dreamy Christmas List
This past weekend, I celebrated Christmas with my large family. It was an amazing time of music, laughter, and great food. I can't believe Christmas is already here. I also can't wait until my next pay check rolls through, because I'm broke as a joke. I wou...

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Lessons Learned
Since living on my own, I probably call my mom 30,000+ times a week to ask her life questions. Can I wash jeans with towels? What kind of fabric softener do you use? How do I make your spaghetti? Can you email me all of your Christmas cookie recipes? What d...

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Filmography of Cars
While I was
recently shopping online for a friend's birthday, I got sidetracked
(as always) and happened to stumble across these awesome prints created by Calm the Ham . How
genius are these?! Literally, I want them all. They even include the
year, make, mo...
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