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Brandt Schneider
Music Director and Coach at Seymour High School
Music Director and Coach at Seymour High School

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What is band?
I teach a graduate class at the University of Bridgeport  in Secondary Music Methods.  These students are generally musicians who have decided to get their education certification.  Some students are current teachers working toward their masters. We have ha...

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Choir Honors Performance Repertoire
Last fall I applied to have the SHS Chorale perform as an Honors Ensemble at the 2017 CT Music Educators Conference.  We submitted three recordings which I am told are heard blind (no names) and we were selected! I have had this honor a few times before.  I...

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I always struggle with grades.  I also struggle with the sheer load.  I carry (depending on how you count it) almost 170 students per semester.  If I give one minute per week to each student I am hitting 3 hours just on grading.  Thats not sustainable (both...

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MusicFirst--Post #3
Here we #3. I am getting a bit more used to MusicFirst.  But... Discussions Tasks does not work at all.  There is no "Discussion" as we understand it in Facebook or Edmodo.  A student will submit a comment--but nobody else in the group can see it....

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MusicFirst: Work in Progress
I am a few weeks in on musicFirst .  I am more convinced that this is a pretty good idea--that isn't quite working in practice. I assign a lesson from Musition.  Two parts.  First part is "Introduction to Terms" which is basically just a list of vocabulary ...

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MusicFirst impressions
I am a few weeks in to MusicFirst .  I purchased the online classroom and sightreading factory.  I spent a bit of time online with a very nice lady in support. Some initial impressions: You are not able to share announcements/tasks/pages between classes.  S...

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Choral Repertoire
The 2016-17 school year will feature a choir that is slightly smaller, older, and more experienced than last years group.  I have little knowledge of the freshman except that are some boys.  I have purchased Essential Elements   and MusicFirst  (no more Sma...

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Final Exam: Band and Choir
Band/Choir Final Exam  Spring 2016 Every student will complete the following exam.  We will work on this during class time and no student will be exempt. Performance: 50 pts Perform, record, edit, and publish a multi-part ensemble piece.  YOU will perform A...

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We have been rehearsing for our trip to Virginia.

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I think it is Gordon who talks about two types of grades: Two types of grades: idiographic (S's work relative to his/her own potential, i.e. music aptitudes); and normative (S's work relative to his/her peers). Is it more likely to use rubrics with one and ...
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