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Peabody Games' preview of All Units Engage.
Here at Peabody Games we have been gleefully plugging away at a set of simple skirmish rules for a little over a year now. Our local club wanted a game that was casual, but complete. Something versatile that met our needs.

The result of all this is "All Units Engage" a set of rules that is ideal for narrative games based around just a couple of minis as well as bigger engagements that include vehicles and even aircraft.

All Units Engage is in the final stages of layout and should be ready by late autumn.

But today I'm very happy to announce our freebie introduction, "Let's Play All Units Engage" has gone live over at Wargame Vault.

All you'll need to play are some minis, a measuring tape and few ten-sided dice. The game is played on a 3'x3' table. So grab a copy and give it a go.

This is just a taste of what AUE has to offer. We hope you enjoy it!

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And something completely different.

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Some more 15mm Sci-Fi.

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Some 15mm vehicles from Darkest Star Games.

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A Daktari for Infinity.

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The start of my Witcher project.

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Once again the Master tells another tale of war...

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Really inspiring work from Michal.

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So we've been feeding a visitor that's been coming to our backyard. She let my wife take these pictures from about 6' away. That's about as close as we want to get... it's still a wild critter afterall.

Hey +Russ justice, posting these for you since I thought you'd get a kick out of it.
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Some stunning work here!
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