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Why Is It Important To Use A Controller In The Pool?
It is not 1970, no longer can we look at a pool and say “well it’s clear” throw in some granular chlorine and call it “good enough”. It is 2017, we know better than that and we have ever increasingly stringent requirements placed on operators to ensure both good clarity AND sanitation. Running a pool by hand feeding chemicals, or by plugging a pump into the wall is time intensive, inaccurate and it is next to impossible to guarantee that the water stays within parameters. Not to mention, there are no safety’s when plugging feeder pumps into the wall.

Take a look at the recent story out of Florida that resulted in a number of youth swimmers being hospitalized with chemical burns. The explanation given was that a storm caused the circulation pump to shut down, the chemical feeders somehow continued to operate, and when the pump turned back on all the chemicals that had been injected flooded out to the pool. The result was a heavy concentration of chemicals going into the swimming area accompanied by a noxious cloud of fumes. Multiple swimmers received chemical burns and had to be taken to the hospital.

The details are not clear on the exact equipment setup, but whatever was in place was clearly not sufficient to stop what should be, and is, preventable.

All too frequently I see pools operating with standard chemical feed pumps plugged into an outlet, power strip, etc. and every time I see this, I cringe and point it out to the operator. Usually I’m told “well it’s worked for us for years, so we don’t see a need to change”

While I cannot deny that a pool “can” (*emphasis on the quotes) be loosely run like this, in the commercial sector it should not be. The main reason? The majority of chemical feed pumps are not setup to detect a lack of flow through the circulation system… most pumps simply turn when there is power, regardless of what the main pump is doing, where the chemical levels are actually at, etc.. This can lead to situations like the Florida case where nobody was aware of the danger they were in until it was too late.

The bottom line? GET A CONTROLLER…

Chemical controllers have been around for decades and they come in all sorts of setup. While 30-40 years ago there may not have been many options, In todays market there is a controller for every budget to fit every need with a myriad of capabilities and beneficial features. That said, every controller worth considering shares one common feature – Flow Detection. They may have different methods or components to accomplish their task, but all can tell when the water is moving, and subsequently, shut down chemical feeds when it is not.

Additionally, many states now require that chemical controllers be implemented and that those controllers implement this incredibly important safety feature.

If you or anybody you know are still running a pool by plugging chemical pumps in either directly to the wall, via a power strip, or on a timer – please… please, please, please, consider a chemistry controller (even a basic unit), it may or may not be a matter of life or death, but it can most certainly impact the lives and safety of those that use the pool.

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When I teach a CPO class, one of my questions is to ask what the most important chemical test an operator takes. Most come back with that it must be chlorine. I have explained this is an earlier blog, what I want to do here is let you know how important pH is in our everyday lives.

pH has a range from 0 to 14. Below 7 is considered acidic, 7 is perfectly neutral (distilled water for example), and anything above 7 is considered basic (or alkaline).

Human blood has a pH range of approximately 7.3-7.5, slightly basic. Should the blood pH go below 6.8 or above 7.8, the bodies functions begin to break down, and sometimes death follows.

pH in the mouth is around around 5.6-7.9. If it’s 5.5 and below tooth decay can occur.

If you plant a veggie garden it is best to know your soils pH as some plants require an acidic environment and other a basic one.

The pH value of salt NaCl is 7 which makes it neutral.

Most rainfall is slightly acidic for the first 10 – 15 minutes

Everything organic has a pH value. Knowing and maintaining the correct pH when running a recreational body of water is critical to having healthy water; as we have learned, pH is critical to a healthy body, garden, and many other facets of our daily lives.

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The History Of Ancient Baths and Spas
The concept of spas dates all the way back in the early AD years. Baths were the precursor of spas and hot tubs and they where mainly meant for personal cleansing. The water was cold or at best warm as well as not readily available as in our days. Evidence of baths can be found as early as the sixth century B.C. in Greece. That was until the people of Laconia Laconia is a province in the Sparta area of Greece came up with the concept of hot-air baths. That design came later to be known as a Laconian bath type. That design called for water to be heated either directly by burning coal under the water or by heating rocks and introducing them in the water itself.

Hot water meant that bath progressed slowly from a mere necessity to a recreational activity. That’s when spas where born and the spa became more of a social function. The size of spas progressively became larger in size and functionality.

Greek bath remains can be found throughout the Mediterranean and north Africa.

As the Greek era came and passed, the Romans era begun. Romans could not help themselves but to take the hot bath concept and supersize it. By then, baths where a big social and cultural part of Romans as well. Even though many cultures perceived a bath as a deeply personal matter, Greco-Romans used the spas as a place of exercise, relaxation, as an ideal place to conduct business, close deals and off course engage in politics. While only the very wealthy could afford spas in their villas, public spas where available for almost every social class, including women. As was the norm in those times, there where three different entrances to the spa. One for the slaves, one for women and one for the other patrons. In the beginning spas were gender segregated; then they moved on to a scheme where women would use the baths earlier in the day,before the men did. Finally by the 1st century AD, spas turned to mixed bathing without restrictions.

A Roman Spa usually consisted of :

The Apodyterium – The changing rooms of the Spa.
The Palaestrae – Was the exercise room.
The Notatio – The open-air swimming pool.
The Laconica or Sudatoria – A super heated dry and wet sweating-room we come to know as a Sauna.
The Calidarium – A hot room, heated and with a hot-water pool and a separate basin on a stand (labrum)
The Tepidarium – A warm room, indirectly heated and with a tepid pool.
The Frigidarium – A cool room, unheated and with a cold-water basin, often large in size and centrally situated.
Other amenities included rooms for massage and other health treatments, cold-water plunge baths, private baths, toilets, libraries, lecture halls, stages for theatrical fountains, outdoor gardens, mini-market (bazaar) and sometimes the modern times equivalent of a food court. All of these amenities where tiled with marble mosaics floors, the walls where stuccoed and frequently sported frescoes of trees, birds, and other pastoral images. Sky-blue paint, gold stars, and celestial imagery covered the interior domes while statuary and fountains decorated both the interior and exterior of the complex.

As awesome as your spa is, ancient people made their spas/baths without today’s technology. How cool is that?

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Do not want to create holes near your pool? Do not wish to deal with expensive cost of putting and maintaining pool enclosures? If you wish that there was some way when could only put up fence when you needed it, then here is your solution… the no holes pool fence!!!! Yes, it is a pool fence which is portable and doesn’t need any drilling in the ground. And, that’s not just it! It renders a number of other benefits too. Take a look at some:

Enhanced life span
Till you plan to host pool parties all-round the year, it is unsure that you will need the pool in the fall. Winters can take a big toll on the life of your fencing if you’re unable to remove them. With no holes pool fence, you can have the fence only when you’re using the pool and one can remove it during fall and autumn, lowering down the chances of rust and enhancing the usability years of your fence.

The expense of maintaining a pool is a big deal to worry about apart from the cost of purchase and installation of permanent fencing. With the no holes pool fence, you reduce the cost of owning and installing it. Anyone can assemble the fence and you do not need any installation team for it. There is a simple and short installation procedure and it is DIY too.

Image result for Get Fencing without Drilling the Ground with No Holes Pool Fence

One of the basic reasons for pool enclosures and pool fence is to prohibit kids and pets from falling into it. There have been several tragic incidents of kids falling in the unsupervised pools. But, if you have kids occasionally around the pool, then you can go for a removable pool fence. A temporary and sturdy pool fence provides you with efficient safety for as long as you need it. And you can store it in your warehouse when you no longer need it.

No holes portable pool fence is long lasting, cost effective, and flexible and a great investment for your pool and you shall never regret purchasing it for your pool safety.

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The Significant Role of Commercial Roofing Contractors

The Significant Role of Commercial Roofing Contractors
0 0 0 by David House , August 12, 2017
Commercial outlets require good roof to make sure enough security is there from the changing weather the do their work without any disruption and discomfort fear to their clients. Often commercial outlets have their premises to decide the type of roof top they would prefer. Others who rent a space or store in a building have no say in it. If you face any roofing problems like cracks and leakage, then you need to seek help from roofing contractors.

Roofing contractors

You should contact a roofing contractor when you are starting a building project so that nothing goes wrong in the beginning. And, if you require regular maintenance of any type of roof to keep them durable and functional, then also assistance of a roofing contractor is important. Commercial roofing contractors are called to check the roofs of the buildings to save expenses on bigger repair. Often roofing could be quite costly as a little breakage could lead to a bigger replacement.

Hence it is important that you hire a commercial roofing contractor to check the condition of the commercial premises from time to time to avoid bigger replacements and repairs.

Image result for The Significant Role of Commercial Roofing Contractors


Commercial roofing contractors are skilled with the different kinds of roofs commercial outlets own. These specialists include designers, engineers, managers, fitters as well as contractors who work as a team to provide a secure roof for the commercial building with the perfect roof recommendation.

These contractors operate skillfully with an efficient code of ethics where the best advice of needs is provided to the business outlets. They are well equipped to supply you the best advice with a full-fledge range of materials, equipment for the kind of roof you need for your commercial premise.

Professional roofing contractors for commercial purpose have knowledge of building and contracting codes and requisitions in a specific environment. They have all entities and components related to roofing like security rails, scaffolding, roof lighting, solar panel and much more for a complete and successful roofing project. Feel free to contact a roofing contractor for your commercial building and get their efficient services at cost effective rates.

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Living in a small RV has its own benefits. Some of them are mentioned below:

Freedom: Yes, it is obvious. If you like to travel and explore and meet new people, then nothing is better than a RV. The addiction of wandering is magnetic. If you wish to see new parts of the world and live life on your own terms and conditions, then a RV can liberate you.
It is highly affordable: Owning a RV is costly. But if you live in a RV permanently, then this will be your only expense. You can purchase a used RV and you have a number of locations that render free camping and parking. You need to check out California RV park reviews to find out which park is good and which isn’t. With RV, you can lower down your daily living expenses to almost zero. You just have to pay taxes, maintenance expenses, campsite fees and taxes.
Live in a debt free zone: You will not be the first if you escaped the debt trap by switching to a full time RV life. Just sell all your crap, clear out your debt and do what you want to. You will not face any monetary legal sanctions.
Some good idealism: Often people are forced to buy a house and live traditionally. But no, you can give up your conventional thoughts and enjoy mobile living.
Living in a small RV is convenient, cost effective, flexible, fun and amazing. You will love every day in this multi-purpose vehicle. It makes independent, lighter and more open to the world out there. So, why not give it a try!

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Your customized swimming pool fence could be easier to plan than you may have thought. There are several companies that specialize in customize your pool fence service. These pools don’t just last long, but they are constructed according to the latest pool codes and regulations. The pool fences are designed depending on the needs of the customers. The pool fences are constructed from vinyl, wood, mesh, wrought iron, steel as well as aluminum.

When you talk about custom fences, remember you have endless options. Usually these fences are constructed according to the specifications provided by engineers, contractors, architects and pool owners. If you’re looking forward to build customize metal pool fence, then selecting a good design should be your top priority. You can also hire a professional project manager for the purpose who can provide you with perfect custom pool fence.

Image result for Customize your Pool Fence for a Better Experience

There are numerous specifications that make your swimming pool fencing the best. Some of the options comprise of angled raised panels, stairs, remote controlled closing gates and many more customizable options.

Self-closing gates- you have a fully removable, self-locking and self-closing pool gate. It protects your kids from entering the pool location without an elder. The pool fencing gate also has a key locking option too for additional security.
Stairs as well as curved edges- before every installation the installation company hears out the client to see the pool fence is installed exactly the way they want. As per the contour of the pool, straight or curved edges are provided. Stairs form to be the toughest part of a pool fencing installation. Every section is installed with quality.
Custom endings- it is important that the pool fence go around the swimming pool to draft a complete enclosure. However, sometimes it is not possible. So, you can customize your fence design to exit at a wall or any other surface. It is a type of economical approach.
A clean swimming pool is something that every pool owner desires. Thus, it is important that you get it cleaned from time to time. Installing the right equipment and up to date maintenance helps to enhance the life of your pool.

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Sunken swimming pools are always submerged in water and different chemical agents. They require waterproofing which can avoid negative as well as positive hydrostatic pressure and are prone to infiltration because of settling and movement. With time, pools begin to wear and tear cause of the water and chemicals. However, you have waterproofing solutions to work as a great solution to avoid such problems from occurring.

Waterproofing the roof includes perfect grip to damp substrate, easy and fast installation, very quick sealing activity, amazing counter pressure proofing, remarkable elasticity and the capability to stick to all types of materials like metal, plastic, brick, cement and more.

Some of the benefits renders by roof waterproofing are mentioned below:

Dehumidification of roof.
Security of flat roofs as well as terraces
Restoration of cover-ups.
Image result for Give your Pool Complete Protection with Roof Waterproofing

Rooftop pool waterproofing is a little complex because of the constant exposure to structural movements as well as atmospheric elements. And, it is important to secure all accessories like Jacuzzi, pipes, lights and nozzles. With the perfectly elastic waterproofing system, you can get a good waterproof top. The aesthetics and color of the pool can personalized according to your wish.

This is very important for commercial and community pools. They are often seen eroded because of excessive usage. However, with right waterproofing, you have lesser chances of facing such situations. Extra effort is often laid on the cleaning of the community pools. Right amount of chemical agents, proper water change from time to time, and right use of filtration equipment helps in a cleaner community pool. You also need to keep a check on keeping the water warm enough for the general people.

Commercial pools are quite in demand and thus their maintenance is very important. Once you waterproof the roof from the professionals, there are lesser chances of pool getting eroded or damaged in a while. Make sure you pay extra effort in getting it done in the right way. The right equipment, adhesive and top quality marks the life of pool roof top. You can also hire professionals to get it done effortlessly without any mistake.

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With the changing of the seasons, soon it’s time to think about getting the pool ready for the summer heat. There are some tips for getting the pool ready for summer in Northern California that will make sure the pool is good to go once it gets hot enough.

When closing up the pool for the winter it should not have been emptied. To begin to clean the pool top off the water levels and make sure the filter is working before it is turned on. In some cases, it may have to be taken apart and cleaned. It is a good idea to clean the cartridge inside and wash it out real good. Sand filters should also be backwashed so that the sand is cleaned. Once the filter is cleaned the water needs to be tested. A water sample can be taken to a professional. They will often test it free of charge. A person

Once the filter is cleaned the water needs to be tested. A water sample can be taken to a professional. They will often test it free of charge tell you the pH and Chlorine levels. You might need to add more chemicals and balance out the water. Chlorine tablets are recommended because the will block the rays of the sun from burning off the chlorine in the pool.

Once the chemicals are adjusted to the proper level it is important to give the water at least a week to clear up. During this time the chlorine levels should be tested to make sure that they are correct. Once the water is clear the cover can be taken off the pool. Remove any debris such as levels or pollen that has accumulated. The pool can then be vacuumed to remove anything from the bottom. Once the pool is clean then the swimming can begin.

This is an easy way to clean a pool and prepare it from the summer time in Northern CCalifornia.It is important to balance out the chemicals before swimming to make sure the pool is safe to use.

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Owning a swimming pool is one of the best things you can have especially for your children and also the most dangerous thing to have too. Above anything else, when dealing with swimming pools, their safety comes first. Below are some of the ways to keep swimming pools safe in Pleasanton CA:

Installing pool safety fences

A pool that is at least 48” inches high is recommended and should have a child-resistance, self-latching as well as a self-closing gate. If you don’t want holes drilled into the ground, which the regular pool fence requires, there is the No Holes system you can try. It is portable and has a strong base for its poles. No holes pool fence is as effective as normal pool fences even better because it is portable and affordable. The bases are connected and filled with sand or water which then become very hard to move hence securing the pool. Once the bases are emptied, they are then removed easily and stored.

Pool Alarm Pleasanton CAInstalling pool alarms

Pool alarms are available in four types; wearable alarms, pressure alarms, gate alarms and perimeter alarms. Wearable alarms work best for children though they need close adult supervision. This alarm is worn by the child around the waist whereby once the waist gets immersed in water, the alarm sounds. Gate alarms are attached to the gate of the pool such that once someone or something opens it, the alarm will sound. Pressure alarms are ones that have a very sensitive tube that is inserted in water and are kept at the pool edges. The alarm sounds due to pressure waves which occur when something or someone falls in the pool. Lastly, perimeter alarms are invisible alarms set around the pool at different points creating a laser field that detects either a small animal or a child once they penetrate the alarm will make a sound.

Pool Covers Pleasanton CA 94566 94588

Installing pool safety covers

There are both electric and manual covers. Pool covers are used cover the pool when not in use, their main purpose is to reduce heating cost by minimizing the evaporation rate which saves the pool energy. Pool covers are crucial especially during winter for pool safety. There are two types of covers; manual and automatic overs. Manual safety covers are giant like trampoline green in color that covers the water and is available for above ground pools as well. It is practical to use them all year around, especially winter times. Automatic covers not only make the pool safe but also cut on evaporation rates and can be used all seasons.
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