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A little update and a meal plan
I feel like with Lincoln soon approaching 2 months that I'm finally hitting my stride and beginning to function like a human again... well at least part of the time. I mean this sh*t is difficult! Between being a mom for FOUR, having a newborn, working full...

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Happy Valentine's Day from the Park Boys
The boys were both VERY excited about Valentine's Day! They have been talking about it for the last two weeks and they wanted to do LOTS of crafting! Since they both LOVE dinosaurs I picked out this super cute kit from Paper Source It was great to see Hunte...

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Happy Valentine

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The stroller that saved me this week!
I think that the goals of posting and cooking for this week were a little lofty.. All of my energy was devoted to work and little Lincoln... he went to work with me and let me tell you 11 hour days with a baby were draining. By the time I got home I had NO ...

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Monday Meal Planning: The Quick Six Fix
I haven't been regularly cooking for about 1-2 months now and so I'm really excited to get back into meal planning and cooking from a different cookbook each week. This week our dinners will come from The Quick Six Fix by Stuart O'Keeffe.The basic concept i...

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January 2017 Goals
The original plan was to post Lincoln's birth story today but I haven't finish writing it. So instead of not posting at all I decided to go ahead and share my monthly goals. I pulled out my newest notebook, from my friend Kim, and started my very first list...

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Park Family Fall Photos
I had every intention of getting this posted earlier in the day but Lincoln and I had our first full day back at work. He did a great job and with only three work days left until the end of the Administration... I feel like it is the right thing to do. So I...

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Getting back into the swing of things...
To say that a lot has happened since my last post on October 24th is an understatement. I've been VERY busy with cooking/delivering a baby, becoming Director of Protocol, celebrating Christmas, preparing for transition, being mom and wife, and just doing th...

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28 Weeks Preggers with Lincoln!
I cannot believe that we are already in the third trimester
with Lincoln!!!  I had my first doctor’s appointment in a LONG TIME (7 weeks)
on Thursday and it was so nice to hear the heartbeat. I mean this guy moves a
TON so I knew that all was okay but still...

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Favorite Things
It isn’t Friday but I wanted to share a few things that I,
personally, find joy in at the moment: Golden
Nugget Necklace: This first item isn’t something that you can buy
at a store but I still wanted to share it with you… The necklace is a simple, understa...
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