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If you don’t make a conscious choice for rest, you will find yourself always filling your time by ticking off items instead of giving yourself space to be in the moment—thinking, doodling, reading, musing, or doing whatever fills you creatively. (link c/o +Hiut Denim Co's Scrapbook Chronicles)
After finishing a big project, you’ll be tempted to ride the momentum to the next big thing. But first, take a breather.
Back in black.
Black and badder then ever.

Late last night a new member was born into my #SelvedgeDenim family - a younger sibling to my trusty #NobleDenim 's. This pair is not of the blue smurf handed indigo stained variety. These are black. Not dark navy.. Not black warp with blue weft. Black.
Black 15oz. denim from #KaiharaMills , Japan, and handcrafted by one of the best in the game: Noble Denim.
Limited edition small batch, 1 of 20, with a custom black leather patch, branded black copper hardware, hickory stripe pocket bags, and a pink selvage line that looks oh so subtly smooth.  All made in Tennessee.
Initial fit is tough, but fair. Tough, as anyone who's tried on selvedge is aware, because you'll wonder how this stiff tight fabric will ever be welcome to your body - let alone button up. Fair, because you know it's cut just right and will mold and soften and wear into and around you.. just the way you are and move. You can call it the awkward silence phase of really liking someone and knowing that in a week or two you'll be loose and chill and getting to know each other better. For now though.. yo, the struggle is real. Partial squats and sitting and wearing them in is in order.

One note before I go. I can't speak enough about the attention to detail, the craftsmanship, the packaging, and most importantly - most super absolutely importantly - can't speak highly enough about the customer service and people behind the pair and brand and everything that goes into it. You're truly family, and you truly feel special each and every time you put them on or hit send for an email. Using the spot-on words of +Hiut Denim Co, who has a root in the Noble tree, Noble Denim truly does one thing well (although they have branched out further). Definitely one of the most underrated denim craftsmen, makers, designers, companies, and brands out today.

If you're curious, and want to learn more, here's the info from their site: (link might not be there forever, since it's a limited edition)

#RawDenim #Selvedge
Excellent interview with #RaleighDenim :

"I love that there is an evolution of the garment and how it gets better over time, how it starts out beautiful and perfect, and can evolve and mold to your body as it gets older. Denim becomes part of your story. And it is one of the only things that look better years after you bought it. What people do in their lives affects it. Other than silk, denim is the only material that really embraces inconsistencies."

#RawDenim #SelvedgeDenim #Selvedge #Denim #Fashion #Raleigh #RaleighNC  
Raleigh Denim founders Victor Lytvinenko and Sarah Yarborough have always favored quality over quantity. It's why the husband and wife design team controls production in the U.S. instead of farming it out to less expensive foreign countries. It's why the duo rolled out two exceptionally designed ...
Vanilla ice-cream will never change the world.
"So if we knew how to make it better then, why don’t we make them better now?"
#selvedgedenim #rawdenim #denim
We explore the economic, cultural, and geographic reasons why vintage clothing and workwear was more durable and better made.

Paul Farmiga

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Raise your glass. A toast. A toast to you. A toast to all of you. Here. A toast to everyone who was with me back in the day. A toast to everyone who continues to. It's been an incredible year. It might be one long scar on the surface, but it's 365 adventures, explosions, and fireworks inside. What a ride. Not enough ink with not enough pages. The best part is that it continues in the next chapter. The next chapter. The ne...

Paul Farmiga

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"We will be lucky if this decade doesn’t end in great catastrophe. Because the last time the world got stuck on the express train to nowhere, the passengers started fighting each other…to the death.
Let’s face it. We do the stuff on the second list because we’re afraid, anxious, worried. Deep down, we know things are going deeply, badly wrong. Socially, economically, culturally…spiritually."
We need to talk.You’re not going to like it.
Reflections of reality What's going on Where is this Who.. Who am I (Who is that guy?) Snapshots Moments Walking on Some days Moving slowly Others Fly by quickly Walking Standing Running Crawling It all looks the same Nothing's changed (Do you see that guy?) Underfoot Right there Same Grass Grass Dirt Some leaves Some rocks Same Some sand Dirt Grass More grass Same Same every time Over and over Each ...
Cue "Back in black" intro..
Looking forward to welcoming my second pair of Nobles into my #selvedgedenim family. Simple. Clean. No frills, and ready to get beat on and rocked out in for years and years to come.
Love what +Christman Hersha is doing with #NobleDenim.
ht/t to +Rawr Denim for spreading the word.

Do one thing well.
Noble Denim follows up on their bourbon barrel aged jeans with this small run of black warp, white weft jeans.

Paul Farmiga

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"That day, I entered the building with a borrowed image of confidence, talent, and professionalism. But when I left, I walked out realizing I wasn’t a borrower, I hadn’t simply made a down payment—I’d earned it. I walked out the door, an owner."
Ashley Masters' autobiographical coming-of-age story.

Paul Farmiga

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Well designed. Bravo..
Students at California State PolyTechnique University in Pomona have developed a new cabin design that has gotten the attention of California State Parks officials as well as Cavco Industries, one of the nation’s top producers of campground cabins

Paul Farmiga

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_Don’t get mad.
Just find the place where they are speaking your language._
How many parts of our lives do we mash together, trying to make things fit? How many times have we found ourselves in a job or a relationship, squirming and trying to change (we never really changed) in order to fit our role?
Champion of awesome.
Go ahead and ask:
Whats with the shoes?

What else?
Cheeseburger connoisseur.
CrossFit @ Guerrilla Fitness.
Church at Hillsong.
Coffee? Black.
C-starting sentences? Yes.

"What do you do, Paul?"
I'm a Digital Pathfinder.
I specialize in Neuromarketing. Digital Marketing.
"Social Media" Strategy. User Experience.
People, and people. (People matter.)

Oh, still reading?
Try this on for size...

Choose yourself to make a difference.
Give your time and energy.
Give of yourself.
Do your art.
Dance on the edges.
Be you.

Raised in the back-alleys of Godin.
Traveled the highways of Nielsen.
Completed the GORUCK Challenge of a lifetime.
Studied in the halls of Zeldman Clarke & Halvorson.
Walked along the Vaynerchuk shores.
Brass Tack Thinking: I Make Things Happen, appreciate the Hiut Denim story and craftsmanship.

Do visit the DO Lectures.

( To the one who knows,  #403 )
Bragging rights
People? check. Great listener? check. Two steps ahead? check. Strategy? check. Creative? check. Winning smile? double-check for yourself, in real life - say hello!
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