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LOVE the "25 item closet limit" idea.

Paul Farmiga

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Paul Farmiga

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We try so hard to please the teacher by coloring between the lines.
Learn to color first.
Then worry about the teacher.

"Then you try to “clean it up.” What happens? The magic dissolves beneath your fingertips.
You have to make yourself stop. Better to go with something that’s alive than to refine it and correct it to death."
Anyone here gone to #GrillEmAll yet?
I'm hoping to drop by next time I fly out to California.

Would love to hear what you recommend if you've been there.
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Thumbs up to what is doing.

"At the Stock Manufacturing Company, we design and produce premium garments right here in our historic Chicago factory, and sell them directly to our customers, without middlemen. Our goal is to provide top quality, domestically made garments at the most affordable price possible, while making a meaningful impact on American job creation."

Love it. Keep up the awesome.
Two friends that are
Too funny and are also
Two awesome cooks.

For those of you in the #Denver area, or are fans of #BlackShirtBrewing Company, or enjoy a good pint with a good bite to eat.
They're doing it, and it's going to be awesome.
Join in on the fun!

(Spread the word too)
I don’t want to be “empowered” — that sounds like someone else is giving me power.
Like I’ve been a good girl and done all the “right” things and now I get a treat.
No, I don’t want that.

#CrossFit #Life #KeepGoing #EuroMaidan  

Paul Farmiga

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Finally, I put my camera down. This was too real. It didn’t feel right to keep shooting.

Beautiful, moving, and unexpected.
Fellow #CrossFit gang on G+, here's a great way to get involved in the Regionals / Games process: be a judge.

The videos are informative, challenging, and prepare you to be more confident of what you're looking for in every movement for the competitors.

Paul Farmiga

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You will want to run, run, run away to a time when it was easier and it was comfortable and nothing made you fearful or made you feel like something was crawling beneath your skin.
Please stay..
Don’t just stay when it’s blissful. Blissful ain’t never built a life in the way the bricks of struggle & challenge & strife build out a character inside of you.
You might want to leave but maybe that is all the more reason to stay.
Even when the world doesn’t get it and they shut out the lights and they all go home.
Are you following them? Are you following them home?
Stay. And be committed.
Svelte Gent of Character
Digital Pathfinder.

Wingtips on Wall St or wing-man in the wilderness -
I've been there - I know the terrain -
I'm listening - How can I help?

Lifetime of intangibles, one heartbeat at a time.
Wisdom, heart & soul every step of the way.


Proud to have been chosen by Seth Godin as a Medicine Ball Linchpin.

Going Godin aside, I choose myself and encourage you to do so too.
Choose yourself to make a difference.
Give your time and energy.
Give of yourself.
Do your art.
Dance on the edges.
Be you.

Neuromarketing. Digital Marketing.
Social Media Strategy. User Experience.
People, and people. (People matter.)
Natural with people & technology.
Personal/Professional - the insight is there. 

I plant seeds.
I soften the ground.
I help direct moves that will matter to you months from now.

Raised in the back-alleys of Godin.
Traveled the highways of Nielsen.
Completed the GORUCK Challenge of a lifetime.
Studied in the halls of Zeldman Clarke & Halvorson.
Walked along the Vaynerchuk shores.
Brass Tack Thinking: I Make Things Happen, appreciate the Hiut Denim story and craftsmanship.

I'm a burger aficionado and cheeseburger connoisseur.

If you're going to be busy, be Busy Building Things.

Either way I encourage every visitor of this page to please be you, and go... do.

After you do, do visit the DO Lectures.

The views expressed here are my own, not KPMG's

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Bragging rights
People? check. Great listener? check. Two steps ahead? check. Strategy? check. Creative? check. Winning smile? double-check for yourself, in real life - where it counts most.
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