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april leonard
just a girl, her dog, & God- this is life
just a girl, her dog, & God- this is life

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I realized today that my prayer life was suffering because I
did not see my request answered as I thought it should be. Not that I doubted
God as all powerful or able to give miracles- that I had seen before my eyes
many times. I did not lack confidence in ...

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Soul Cry
 How do you find the words to pray, to speak to the Holy of
Holies? I cant… So I am grateful that He knows what each tear and wail mean. I am learning tonight that a soul cry captivates the ears of
God- the attention of all of Heaven actually. I can remembe...

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life & death
Today- I was reminded of the feeling when someone you love
is ripped away from you. The knot in the pit of your stomach tightens… leaving a
nauseous unsettled feeling brewing inside you… when every breath hurts &
every thought ends with a question mark All ...

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Albania Bound
Well- it is very short notice, but I am off again to travel
the world. This time God has sent me with an amazing medical team to Albania. You are probably wondering where that is- I know I did….
Albania is wedged in the middle of Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedon...

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I recently had the experience of being called a failure as a nurse. This is the second time in my life &  almost 10 year career as a nurse to be called a failure.  As it sunk in through the rest of my shift, its roots kept growing deeper- doubts kept in- an...

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fighting flesh
I was recently asked... "does dating a man that isn't completely devoted to God scare you? Because you have been hurt in a past relationship with a man who was not devoted to God? But you know that God is a person that will never let you down- so therefore ...

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I heard his helpless scream down the hallway. As my eyes beheld the person making the awful noise that disturbed everyone on the hall, I felt pity for the man. both legs were removed leaving nothing but fresh stubs- his left hand consisted of a nub with an ...

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creates the contentment you feel? I
was asked that question in counseling one afternoon. And I have thought of it
daily for a month. What
creates the contentment I feel? Contentment:
t o show willingness, be pleased, determine,
undertake (to do anythin...

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Lion Arise
Tonight as I was talking with my mom about how I felt inside with the lack of his call or response after so long- I honestly said- "I feel free, lacking nothing. My decision- I stick with- God is who I chose until He allows someone to walk along side, in st...

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mcdonald moment to remember
The drive thru was packed, so I parked the car to get my sweet tea fix. Smart business plan located this McDonalds next to a high school... wish I had thought of that. As I walked in- I was shocked at how busy it was. Packed with high schoolers of all ages-...
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