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Think. Say. Do.

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‘Top Gear': James May Slams Twitter Users Who Sent Sue Perkins Death Threats

By +Rachel McGrath 

James May has taken to Twitter to slam ‘Top Gear’ fans who sent death threats to Sue Perkins, when reports claimed she would replace Jeremy Clarkson on the motoring show.

James sent his posts on Wednesday afternoon, starting with the tweet: “If you're one of the people sending death threats to @sueperkins could you please do the world a much bigger favour by killing yourself.”

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Letters from a Dream - Anamorphic 4K film by Eduardo Angel:

A new V-Log profile for the Panasonic GH4 is coming. This is no longer rumour mill stuff, as this is on Panasonic official YouTube feed!

Are any GH4 owners as exited as I am?

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