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I dare you to understand, where the lines are blurred.
I dare you to accept, you are the reason I am afraid.
I dare you to see yourself, as the lion you are.
I dare you to listen.

A men's issue first, domestic violence is.
Thank you, Steve Connell.
// #WeAreTheLions   #mend   #DomesticViolence   #SpokenPoetry

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New Location - Separation Training Session
Mick has generalized the sit/wait requests to a new location. In this quick 2minute video I leave him in a "Wait" as I leave and return 3 times. You see that he is relaxed and patient. (This makes quick laundry runs easy and no fuss!)

Every time I left the dorm (last week), I went through this routine beginning w/10-seconds, then 20 seconds, then 30-seconds. Even when left in the crate. Mick (like many dogs) has a bit of separation anxiety. It is not acute, but he will bark a few times if he's left too quickly.

Mick likes to participate in training, he wants to interact w/his person, and this will work in any location with him. As long as you are relaxed while you go through the 3-step separation training, he'll be comfortable and confident that you will return.

Session Details:
- 1 session
- 3 trials
- treats
- vocal praise
Up Next: Shiny Floors
// #treattraining #separationtraining #caninetraining #sitwait #LifeWithMick

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You're welcome.

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Me, at the car wash waiting for the She-Human to finish cleaning the windows...

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I love this.
A watercolor & ink on paper abstract, created in 2014 as a collaborative effort by artists: Cesare Saccenti alongside: Pablo Varela F & Yousif Abbas. The complete composition acts like windows in a door, as we are invited to unwind the puzzle of who did what. Linear oblongs feature so strongly that the splash of blue fills the creative glasses with a sense of softness that is almost welcome within the brutality of the determined ink strokes. Rules. Softening. This is unashamedly male.

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Status Update:

A few changes have taken place and set us back a bit in our training. Since we are in a new location, I have a set of videos that show the training of how to sit/stay and wait in a new place. They are very similar to what we practiced last semester when Mick arrived.

The purpose of these training exercises is to solidify what he already knows but to allow for generalization to a new living space. Also, there is a set of stairs that have a linoleum/tile like shiny surface that is causing a bit of stress for him.

While we don't have to use the stairs to move from floor to floor, (the building has an elevator) I think it to be a disservice to Mick and his new owners to leave him with a learned fear.

A learned fear is a sense of fear that is predicted by a set of circumstances. In this particular case, Mick has learned to fear the shiny surface he slipped on. It is more stressing to him to meet the landing from coming down the stairs than it is climbing the stairs.

I will have more on this as I think it is important that he regain the confidence he had on the landing and stairs when we first moved in.

As always, you are so gracious an audience to follow along as we work through the program.

// #caninetraining #dogtrainig #clickertraining #anthrozoology #LifeWithMick #AdoptDontShop 
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