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My son brought his 360 for an estimate July 21 2012. Was called to come and pick it up July 23 and was told to pay $40.00 + $10 for looking at it. He never got an estimate before they decided to fix it. As they claim. My son and I went there and was told to pay $40. I said we never got an estimate first. Then I asked the worker what was wrong with it? He started to explain when the male owner came out and started yelling at me. That they are there to make money and that if we don't pay that they will take it apart. I said I just want to know what's wrong with it. The male worker went down to $20. My son paid. The next day July 24, we went back, because it was not fixed. They would not give my son his money back. Then the female owner came out and started yelling at me that I had yelled at her husband the day before. And that they are there to make money. She kept on screaming at me on top of her lungs. I told her; Is this the way you speak to your costumers? We started leaving the store. She kept on screaming at me as we were leaving, and I said, you are crazy. She comes after me as we are getting into my car. She pushes her body on me and screaming, did you call me a crazy B, and started hitting me across my temple and face. I have been in a lot of pain in my head since she has all these heavy rings on her fingers, that hit my temple. She kept on trying to hit me as I am blocking her from hitting me again. My boyfriend steps in to get her off of me, by holding his arm up. He never laid a hand on her. All of a sudden the mail worker jumped my boyfriend from behind and knocked him on to the ground, while the other worker held him down. The two of them starting to hit him. I am looking at my boyfriend telling them to get off him, as the female owner starts pulling my hair and hurting my neck badly. I said I am calling the police. Then the male owner came over to his employees and told them to get off my boyfriend. They finally let him up. I called 911. They called the police ahead of me, and told the police that I hit her first, and that my boyfriend had attacked her. We never laid a hand on any of them. We were attacked by them outside the store. Why were they outside. It is very clear that they followed us outside. We were leaving as we got attacked. This is a criminal act and we are dealing with crazy people. Stay away from this store. Not only did they take money from my son, but they also committed assault. She called me a crazy German B. Is she a racist? I am not German, and we are all equal.
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