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Photographer. Globetrotter. Daydreamer.
Photographer. Globetrotter. Daydreamer.

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Hi! Long time no see!! I'm in Zhangjiajie, the place where Pandora (Avatar movie) was modeled after. The Chinese people on my tour group are scared of me, except for the 2 kids who don't leave my side). All I have is Words with Friends (daisyjellybean if you want to play) and Google+. We went to a gorgeous cave today which included a boat ride through the cave! Tomorrow we head to the mountain!! 

I have the most beautiful walk to and from school each day. I walk under a canopy of luscious, tropical trees. Long vines dangling over head. I walk through the park, most mornings an elder couple slow dances to their portable jukebox and every morning I weave in and out of people doing Tai Chi. Then there's the fan dancers, fluid movements with a large red fan in one hand and 'rrrrap' the fan is swung open, such a delightful sound. The afternoon finds the park full of families and dogs, playing ball and card games. 100's of kids, in blue uniforms are walking, running, giggling and talking on their way to and from school. I pass fruit vendors sitting on blankets peeling fresh oranges and pomegranates. I walk by people squatting and shucking corn. Everyone is out, enjoying the gorgeous weather! I absolutely love my short 15 minute walk and sometimes even take the long way because the energy on the street is so wonderful!

Kindergarten is a dangerous job.
Today was shot day, which means 3 hours of 30 babies crying. Picture this: ME holding 2 with 2 attached to my legs, tears and snot dripping all over me. (If you know me, you should probably be laughing) Well, Aileen, my favorite, threw herself in my arms and then fucking bit my boob so hard she drew blood. She was clamped on so tight, I couldn't even pull her off. It's all swollen and bruised and it hurts :(
Last week, I got slapped super hard by a little girl who didn't want to wash her hands with soap. The bathroom was full of kids and her slap was so loud that they all they stopped screaming and laughing. Lemon followed me around the rest of the day asking me if I was okay. Yes, her name is Lemon and her English is super good! My eye was red for 2 days.
Last week, I taught them a crazy dance since it was raining outside. They got a little wild. Yes, our classroom is huge, but there are lots of corners. Like piano corners. I saw a kid falling head first into the piano corner, so I saved him and in the process tripped over another kid and pulled a muscle in my leg. Was limping around school for 3 days.

Waiting for my friend at Windows of the World. I always get stared at, same in Korea. Sometimes it makes me self conscious and I check to see in my dress is inside out, or if my skirt is tucked into my panties, or if toilet paper is stuck to my foot. 

OOh! I used a squatter potty yesterday at the museum! Luckily the wall was clean enough so I could balance. I think I'm beginning to overcome my fear of them.

QUESTION: How can I stretch the muscle in the back of my legs so I can squat flat footed?

I learned the reason it's so easy for Asians is because they have been doing it since birth, so the muscle in the back of their leg is extra long, thus making the squatter potty super easy for them. Suggestions welcomed!

I am in LOVE!! I've spent the day at the OCT! Art galleries, fancy home decor shops, delightful cafes!! And tonight jazz bands from Australia and Denmark!! Is anyone going? 

Can you see this??? If so I successfully unlocked my phone!!! 

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This weeks goal: buy a blanket and a robe. Holy macaroni, the mornings certainly are chilly! I spent 45 minutes in the shower, in a cocoon of warm steam, knowing as soon as I left the cascading waterfall of warm water... I'd freeze. I was right. I'm in a full on teeth chattering, can't move my body, frozen ice block. Must. go. make. warm. oatmeal. The peanut butter one:

Met CS'ers. Went to KTV (Karaoke), just wait until you see photos of the room. It was spectacular, puts Korea's best Nore Bang rooms to shame. Drink too many bottles of vodka and whiskey. Went to Shekou to go dancing. Attempted kidnapping via 'ship captain from Singapore who was leaving tomorrow' scam was tried. He failed! Then we all got kicked out of the club because some guy was starting a fight with us. First time I ever got kicked out of a club in my life! Crazy bouncers, big dudes. I left more quietly than others, since I was already at the Police Station once this week. BUT I met some people from Spain, El Salvador and Uruguay and we went back to their place and had a SALSA PARTY!! Singing! Drinking! Dancing! Laughing! Life will be good here.

What a day!
1. Tried to teach them how to write their names today, hardest thing in the world. I'm certain to have a few more grays now. I even made them individual worksheets w their own name. Lots of tears :(
2. Used the art room for my brilliant leaf creature project. Total madness ensued. Biggest mess I ever saw. BUT they ALL managed to create masterpieces!! :)
3. Without me telling them, most of them attempted to WRITE their names on their masterpieces. Most of them even had some of the right letters, not in the right order, but they tried!! My heart was bursting. I didn't know they actually learned anything this morning! ♥
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