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I Quit Facebook
I quit Facebook - and I'm not going back!
I quit Facebook - and I'm not going back!
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Maybe +The Huffington Post has missed the point. They say "Quitting Facebook is cool, but, like popping your collar or wearing a fedora, you'll probably look ridiculous to all but a select group." but don't mention the hundreds of millions of active users on +Google+ who may represent the earliest Facebook members who made it popular then became disenchanted with it's sleight of hand privacy policy changes and disrespect of member feedback. 

If you've not quit and it's because your family or friends are there, what does this really say about your relationships? Does that mean they don't feel you worth an email, phone call or visit to Google+ to contact you through your profile page? 

Whether you have or haven't quit, please tell us why. 

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If you've quit Facebook, share this pic and the reason you left.
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