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Question: Are you using jQuery with your AngularJS app?

I noticed that AngularJS's jqLite does not support CSS selector querying (  For someone with a Backbone background, this seems rather critical... which leads me to believe one of two things:
1) Most AngularJS apps use jQuery (zepto or whatever)
2) jQuery features, like CSS Selector querying, aren't as important in AngularJS apps, as other features in AngularJS (directives, bindings, etc.) reduce the need for heavy duty DOM querying/manipulation.


+Grace Qiu: You like mint cake?... still?

Heading back to Iowa.

Man, there is alot of disgust for the misspelled "soap". I, for one, support cleanliness. :)

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Very cool.

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...atleast watch 10 seconds starting at 2:00.

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This is EXACTLY what we need. Encapsulation is the key.
Lacking it, is why our client side browser code grows into big balls of mud.
...until than we'll hackishly emulate as much as we can:
CSS: OOCSS, SMACSS, modular css
JS: AMD modules, IFIs/global namespaces
DOM: jam it into JS, script templates

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Just shifted my laptop back to OSX and started using GitHub for Mac.
Clean, minimalistic, and awesome.

Dumped: git gui

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