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The Night the King of Manhattan Died

From: a regular person
To:     anyone with too much time on their hands
Subj: ‘Where Things Stand in the Republican Presidential Race at This Precise Moment for Dummies,’ a new book on politics only slightly shorter than its catchy title. Written to cut through the crap and explain the current state of the entire 2016 presidential election by simply explaining the current state of the Republican primary race from my own, lightly humble opinion. 

Note: this book was only written after tens of millions of requests (which I could have proven had the contents of my private server not been totally deleted by accident). Also, I received absolutely no compensation from any political party or candidate (even though I asked repeatedly).

To understand the current state of the Republican race, you should start by familiarizing yourself with a few facts:

1. 2016 POTUS election can only be lost by Republicans since it is theirs to lose.

2. Chances are high that the Chamber Rat RINOs at the RNC will beat the odds and find a way to lose yet again.

3. If we try to win by caving again and allowing the Demi-gods (or demagogues) behind the curtain at the RNC to pick another RINO e.g. Kasich or Romney - the absolute most we can hope for is a zero sum gain. We won’t have achieved anything substantively and that even in the highly unlikely event the scheme actually works (including going on to win the General Election since without that – we have accomplished ‘squat’). Creating a ‘brokered’ convention where the fat cats in the back get to choose – will not cut it this time around unless they are so selfish that they would rather throw the election than win it with anyone not personally groomed, trained and primed at the RNC’s Top-Secret Prep School for the Self-Anointed and Habitual Apologists for the Status Quo. They already understand that while it won’t lift all boats – their personal boats (or ASSEtS), will always be covered in cushy comfort.

4. Now, it is crucial that you understand that Donald J Trump (the persona) is effectively dead. It died at the Fox Theater in Detroit as surely as Abraham Lincoln died in Ford’s Theater in *************. Okay, no real connection there but it sounded cool and I wanted to throw the conspiracy crowd a bone since they are the most likely to read this obscure and odd collection of abstract thoughts by an unknown and highly unheralded professional curmudgeon and amateur writer who is quickly becoming a legend in his own mind.

5. Now, it is crucial that you likewise understand that Donald J. Trump: The Art of the Deal Trump, is very much alive, knows that he has cards to play and virtually every incentive to play them.

7. Republican voters and the RNC have some serious decisions to make and even though I am slightly opinionated, I will refrain from telling them what they need to do here – since that is not the reason for this book. Yes, even if no actual human reads this dribble, today is a slow day, another one and ‘It’s my book and I’ll dribble if I want to.’ 

That’s about all the bulleted facts that come to mind or that I care to write. Now, to understand things fully, there are a few key players with competing agendas to recognize. I will attempt to introduce the main players and their basic motivations from a very basic and macro-level standpoint. Finally, I’ll reveal you the score as I see it at this point in the game. 

If this all still sounds confusing (and pointless) – consider finishing it anyway now that you’re in it this far. Now stay with me here while I pontificate:

One thing that the dashing young senator from Florida should always take great pride in and that the conservative movement should never forget was the recent willingness of Marco Rubio to step up to the plate and accept Trump's dare to an old fashioned ‘cage style’ debate. That fact is made more significant and ironic after the young senator only today admitted that he was “not entirely proud” of his recent willingness to get down in the verbal mud with Trump and even appeared to feel remorse, adding that even his own “kids were embarrassed.”

It was on the CNN debate stage at the University of Houston, February 25th that the “Teflon Don” first began showing chinks in his previously impenetrable armor. Not coincidentally, it was that same night when the young, handsome senator from Florida, the son of Cuban immigrants, first took off the gloves and stepped into the ring. Make no mistake, it was a courageous and probably sacrificial decision to lay aside his ‘always positive’ and vibrant persona and then step straight into an 'MMA cage' and go 'mano a mano' with the ‘Ric Flair’ of politics, real estate mogul, Donald Trump. The results of that night would alter significantly the face of the US Presidential election of 2016. 

Once the gloves were off, “Little Marco” quickly landed more than his share of punches and counterpunches against the older, cagier and heavily favored Trump. After taking a few head blows, Trump suddenly appeared a bit confused as if he was unsure how to proceed. The fight continued to get more intense and even more dirty. For a few chaotic minutes, the 'fight' even featured some WWE tag-team action when another senator on Trump's opposite side took the opportunity to throw a few punches of his own. While not as numerous, Senator Cruz seemed to land most of them which were packed with real and substantive power. 

At the end of the night, Trump looked worn, irritated (of course that’s the way he always looks) and exhausted from having to do battle on multiple fronts - Rubio and Cruz. Two basic things in the equation changed that night. Senator Rubio changed fighting styles and managed to unmask The 'Manhattan Bomber.' Underneath the mask looked a tired and frail old man still trying to put on the show that the crowd had come for and now paying for it all. It was obvious that Trump was lacking the ‘bounce back’ vitality of his youth. Some of the heavy make-up covering his face had begun to run down his face and it was from his “own sweat,” not from “Little Marco’s.” Picture Elvis toward the end of his career.

It would be fascinating to have eavesdropped on the senator's mind during the entire period between that debate in Houston and the more critical one to come, the Fox News debate on March 3rd. He had now proven himself, having demonstrated that he was far from intimidated by the stereotypical 'alpha-male,' Donald J. Trump. Now, after having made his point, would he now continue his new tough and 'in your face' persona or go back to the affable and adorable Marco that his supporters and voters had grown to know and love? The pressure must have been intense especially with some background static coming in over the internet indicating some backlash from his supporters who seemed uncomfortable with his sudden change.

I'm still not sure what Senator Rubio had decided when he took his place at the podium in Detroit that evening since Mr Trump began wailing on the young senator relentlessly right from the opening bell. To have walked away from a fight at that point would have made Senator Rubio look like a frightened young school boy getting his ears thumped by the school bully. Yes, I believe that it is fair to say that Senator Marco Rubio had no other option at that point but to take the gloves back off and dive straight into the Michigan mud that night like a pig into a waller on a summer afternoon. 

Marco fought like a man who had nothing to lose (and probably didn’t) and appeared determined to at least put an end to the rumor that he wasn’t ‘man enough’ to go ‘head to head’ with the wily old Trump. Not coincidentally, it was that same night, March 3rd, 2016, that ‘spectators to the spectacle’ watched Donald J Trump’s face melt before their eyes. The consistent and prolonged barrage of punches from the more youthful competitor began taking a toll on the old pro Trump. Picture Ivan Drago relentlessly pounding an aging Apollo Creed. 

Then, when the flurry of punches by Rubio again left Trump open for Ted Cruz to land more substantive blows. He obliged but this time, he packed more power into each punch. Even Johnny Kasich, the goofy governor guy, scored a couple of shots. You may remember Kasich, he’s the ‘wannabe’ who comes around every 4-8 years to run for VP and always refuses to leave the race until someone selects him. No one ever does but you still have to respect his persistence.

Under the intense barrage byf Rubio, Cruz and even Meghan Kelly, the 'Manhattan Bomber' appeared dazed, a bit punch drunk and even walked away from at least one golden opportunity to counter punch an opponent. Trump’s makeup continued to melt at an increasing pace under the hot lights of Detroit until eventually the true nature of ‘The Donald’ was laid butt naked in front of the entire world. What was exposed did not resemble 'John Wayne' as had been promised but instead more closely resembled a scared, paranoid, insecure and slightly pathetic man with small hands. Picture the currently aging (badly) Hugh Hefner.

At the end of the night, the results were obvious. The heavily favored candidate was still standing but was wounded so obviously that even thick make-up couldn’t hide it. The remaining ‘standing’ candidate - left the ring appearing unscathed and even stronger than before but knowing full well that even after a good round that he remained an underdog. The only thing he had truly won was a chance to soon and very soon - go 'mano a mano' himself with Mr Trump (date still pending).

As for the remaining two, one of them walked away beaten but like a man – but now more respected and with dignity intact – for that night he went down as a man, even taking one for the team, ‘Team USA.’ As for the perpetual vice-presidential candidate, he left while still in denial – apparently determined to make yet another run for the vice-presidency, still mumbling about how he could take Ohio and was the only true adult on the stage (same tired old stuff he used last time he ran for VP). Though refusing to acknowledge his defeat, he left the ring looking like an aging but popular pro-football star who probably stayed in the league a couple of seasons too many while desperately trying to get his long sought Super Bowl ring.

I’ll wrap this all up for you now. Following one of the dirtiest, hard hitting and yet thoroughly entertaining political debates that I have witnessed in 55 years, here is the current state of the nomination or ‘score’ if you like which will end in bulleted points just as it began:

1. Donald Trump. Still favored but now has a major obstacle to overcome – his new persona. Though sacrificing his own candidacy, Senator Rubio turned 'John Wayne' into ‘Hugh Hefner.’ 

In order to understand ‘the Donald’ which died that night, understand that his thoroughly choreographed persona when people see ‘John Wayne.’ It doesn’t work when he stops looking like the ‘Alpha-Male’ in the room and begins to look like ‘a joke.’ Like ‘Heff,’ what once have looked cool and manly in his thirties looks tragically comical and pathetic as he quickly approaches 90. Now that Donald Trump, the self-promoting reality star and real estate mogul’s persona has been revealed to more closely resemble a whiny 3rd grader than John Wayne – there is no place to go but down.

Despite a bad round, the ‘Art of the Deal’ Trump is still standing and in good shape to determine who he will run with – either at the top or bottom of the Republican ticket. I firmly believe that Mr Trump realizes that: 

a. Donald Trump, the persona is dead or dying rapidly.
b. Donald Trump, the ‘Art of the Deal’ player is not only still standing but has a good hand left to play. The question now is which side he will make an effort to team up with.

2. Ted Cruz. The other last man standing and the only one with an actual record of fighting long and hard on the issues that both leading campaigns claim to be concerned with. At least he is close to ensuring himself a place on the ticket. Whether he ends up on a ticket with Donald Trump or someone on the inside – depends on decisions/moves that he and his supporters make coupled with the decisions/moves made by Trump as well as the Chamber Rats at the RNC.

3. Marco Rubio. His candidacy is effectively over for Senator Rubio. While his parody of Trump scored against the Champ, by being first to take off the gloves against Trump – his own persona was damaged badly enough that his staunchest supporters do not recognize him or like what they see. 

Unfortunately for Rubio, while getting ‘down and dirty,’ his own persona was damaged beyond repair in the process. The forever upbeat smiling Marco Rubio isn’t appealing as an angry ‘cage fighter’ any more than ‘The Donald’ plays as a sad and pathetic clown. 

Marco’s parody of Donald Trump scored big dividends for ‘The Team’ by exposing the whiny and insecure little grade school boy behind the mask and thick make-up. “Little Marco” gave Trump all he wanted in the ‘school yard brawl’ and in the process turned ‘The Donald’ into ‘Little Donnie. But in the process, his own persona was damaged beyond repair. The forever upbeat and positive Marco Rubio doesn’t play as ‘Rocky Balboa,’ sorry Senator Rubio. He is now left to decide whether to drop out before or after the Florida primary. It is likely in his personal, political and the national interest that he drops out prior to Florida and then endorses Senator Ted Cruz. 

4. John Kasich. His candidacy is dead (as of a few months ago) but until someone signs off on the death certificate, he’ll continue to hang around and try to look relevant while waiting for that long awaited call up as VP. I won’t even try to guess what the ‘Perpetual Running Mate’ candidate will do. In the past, he hung around until people began to totally ignore him.

5. Ben Carson. Don’t know what to say about Carson. There is no doubt that the fiasco in Iowa where Cruz supposedly stole his voters – was well planned and coordinated and has Carson, Trump and CNN’s fingerprints all over it.

He recently anointed himself as ‘Grand Poobah’ of Christians everywhere and now today has announced his surprising (heavy sarcasm intended) endorsement of Donald Trump. 

The hit on Ted Cruz was so amateurish that it was only due to the haters of Cruz in the press – that the cheesy stunt didn’t blow up in the faces of the perpetrators. But it did work, at least with low information voters to the extent that Cruz’s momentum following the Iowa primary was damaged extensively. Laughably, though a heckuva lot of dough $$ was spent trying to locate at least one, single voter who was actually disenfranchised by the so-called “Cruz dirty tricks.” I heard that even after millions $$ were spent by running hundred dollar bills through trailer park after trailer park, they only got one single lady who claimed she had preferred Carson but voted Cruz after the CNN tweet. Guess that was a total waste of ‘payolla,’ huh?

In the interest of full and fair disclosure, I am a committed Ted Cruz supporter. It is likewise important to note however that I began as a Trump-Cruz supporter. I thought the combination of brashness and brains would make the perfect ticket to win the election and perhaps restore the country.

While, much like Rush Limbaugh, I slowly tired of Trump’s persistent and personal attacks against Ted Cruz. I could not in good conscience watch quietly while people destroyed a great legal mind and rock-solid conservative that had long fought against both the Democrat Socialists and the RINOs in control of his own party.

That said, however, I would have far more faith in a Trump-Cruz or Cruz-Trump ticket than any of the RINOs preferred by the RNC Establishment. There is no reason for either the Trump or Cruz campaigns to ever trust the Chamber Rats at the RNC – if for no other reason than the reputation of these ‘big dawgs’ and the fact they have no real reason to want to see the end of the Illegal Invasion which would end their flow of cheap labor which has enriched $$ most of them handily. 

Bottom line, the Trump and Cruz camps would be well advised to approach the convention as a team. Neither candidate has to stop running for POTUS but they could agree to stick together at the convention where the candidate with the most delegates (Trump or Cruz) agrees to place the other outsider at the bottom of the ticket. This is perhaps the only way to ensure that none of the tactics by the RNC are successful in placing a RINO at the top of the ticket.

Note: this article was begun after the Republican primary in Houston and finished just prior to the debate in Miami.

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NRO has become a lib rag and is pushing a false narrative that Carson has surpassed Donald Trump b/c they know they can take out Carson whenever they desire.

3 Latest polls (Economist/YouGov; Morning Consult and Reuters/Ipsos) have future POTUS Donald Trump crushing the competition (Repubs and DemonRats) by 14, 15 and 10 points


our president is being sworn in yet again today. i pray Lord that the four years passes quickly and that our country survives it. i realize that the last part of that is asking a lot Lord.
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