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Water, Water Everywhere
When last I wrote (which has been too long, by the way) we were in a drought.  At that time, we had received about 30 inches  of rain on our property.  Our average is 35 inches, so that really wasn't too bad.  We weren't having any issues with our well and ...

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About Our 50th Anniversary & Trip
A part of the April 2016 trip was obviously our 50th anniversary. From a business perspective, we needed to do some market research and discover accommodations, amenities, services and facilities that  truly first class establishments provide: those things ...

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Lots of Exciting Things Going On
Water is still a major concern, but we had a good rainy season this year so the biggest problems of low water have subsided. The exciting thing is there are several things I need to bring you up to speed on. Last spring we traveled to Europe to celebrate ou...

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Water in our Country Landscping
With all the talk about water during our current drought, I thought about how important water is when you live in the country and your only source of water is your well. We have always been concerned about how much water we use. We have been lucky with our ...

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Mid-Afternoon -- A Day in the Life of an Innkepper
I'm back to tell you about the rest of my day. Mid-afternoon, I again start the prep work for the next day's breakfast and begin preparation for evening wine and snacks. On Friday & Saturday we host wine and snacks in the Great Room from 5:30 to 6:30. This ...

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A Day in the Life of an Innkepper
Our guests are here for a short time. They enjoy weekend evening wine and snacks. They go out to dinner, come back and watch a movie (at least they start to watch a movie before falling asleep), relax and get a good night sleep. They get up, have some coffe...

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Innkeeping as a Retirement Pastime
often have guests ask us if we enjoy what we do and if being an innkeeper is
what we thought it would be.   Others ask
if this is our retirement (ha!). First
of all, yes I enjoy being an innkeeper and it is what I thought it would
be.   Our primary goa...

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Happy Holidays
Wow!   Here it
is—almost the end of 2014.   The year has
gone by so fast.   So fast that I have not
kept up   my blog. Fall in Fair Play has been spectacular.    The colors in the orchards and vineyards
have been absolutely brilliant.   The last
storm blew ...

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