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Have you ever wanted to know what it's like to work at Ubisoft? Well, we're throwing back the curtain and giving you the chance to talk directly to three of our largest studios and discover for yourself what life at Ubisoft is all about.

We'll be hosting three Hangouts over three days that focus on studio culture, programming, life at Ubisoft, game development, design & artwork and we're giving you the chance to get involved!

If you're interested in participating send through your CV to the studio that best matches your interests! If you'd just like to tune in, you can watch them all on our YouTube channel here:

Who: Ubisoft Singapore
Focus: Game Design & Art and Studio Culture
When: Monday, April 8th, 6PM local time. (10AM GMT // 6PM EST)

Who: Reflections (Newcastle, UK)
Focus: Life in the Studio, Programming
When: Tuesday, April 9th, 1PM local time. (9PM SGT // 9AM EST)

Who: Ubisoft Quebec
Focus: Studio Culture, Programming and Game Design
When: Wednesday, April 10th, 5PM local time. (5AM SGT // 9PM GMT)

If you have any questions be sure to let us know below in the comments.

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We saw several among you make a ShootMania or TrackMania Harlem Shake... we did our own version!

Will you be able to make a better version by next week? Try! :-p

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We are very happy to announce that it’s now possible to pre-order ShootMania Storm!

This pre-order will give you immediate and unlimited access to the Beta.

More good news:
- 20% off during the pre-order ($15.99/15,99€/15,99£ instead of $19.99/19,99€/19,99£)
- 3 & 5 Players Packs at reduced prices to play in teams or between friends

So don’t delay ! Go to the ManiaPlanet Shop.

Celebrate with us today and as always Good Luck and Have Fun!

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In a cold country... TrackMania players are heating up! Now it’s Norway's turn to get the monthly car.

In the pack you’ll find the Norwegian car, the desktop calendar for May and a sticker pack containing a speed stripe, a NORWAY text decal, a 2012 flag, a Norway Badge and a pair of Checkered Flags.

This new free pack is available at the “ManiaPlanet Store”.

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95 000 clés TrackMania² Canyon d'une validité d'un mois disponible sur

Une excellente occasion de tester le jeu, d'inviter un ami ou de faire découvrir le jeu à des personnes de votre entourage !

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Hello everyone,

Last night the Nadeo staff attended the Gamers Assembly 2012 press conference, this was the official announcement to begin this years tournament. This was also the occasion to reveal the presence of ShootMania Storm at the Gamers Assembly 2012.

To celebrate this momentous event, 3 former champions and 3 stars of the current eSport scene competed in a showmatch of ShootMania Storm's 'Elite' team mode. The showmatch was commentated by the talented Chips and Noi.

The teams-

For GG team :

Michael "HaRts" Zanatta,
Frédéric "OliGan" Ngor,
Issam "Issam" Lahouasnia
For VG team :

Nathan "NBK" Schmitt, voted player of the year 2011 by Cadred.
Cédric "RpK" Guipouy
Michael "mK" Zaidi".
The result of this exciting competition was the VeryGames team securing victory. Although we can also congratulate the GG team for their excellent gameplay and sportsmanship.

In addition to the three dedicated TrackMania competitions, this year the Gamers Assembly will propose the Op3n ShootMania Tournament. This Op3n will assemble 32 teams, divided into 4 pools of 8 teams. Teams will confront each other to win the first official title of ShootMania and leave with a number of prizes provided by our partners : Asus, Plantronics, QPad and Intel. And for an added bonus, the matches will be commentated live by Chips and Noi!

Here is some more information on the GG and the VeryGames teams :

GG, GoodGame, is a legendary team of the french eSport scene. Founded by ElkY in 2000, she has won several French Champions titles on Counter-Strike, Starcraft, Warcraft 3 and Pro Evolution Soccer.

The VeryGames team has been created in 2008 by Johann Thiesson, to allow cybers athletes to benefit from the professionnal framework and follow their passion. VeryGames team is the first profesionnal Counter-Strike Source team created in France, exclusively composed of players under contract and salary. In only a few months the VeryGames team has asserted itself as one of the best international teams in eSports boasting an immense prize list. The teams defining moment was obtaining the World Tilte at the Electronic Sports World Cup 2011.

Chips & Noi are the french commentators leaders on the League of Legends game. Counting thousands spectators daily, they broadcast videos on their Youtube channel as well as on Chips and Noi are at the origin of the tournament "Kings of Europe" which as been viewed by more than 500 000 unique spectators worldwide in january 2012.

Finally, we will leave you with a short video of the reactions of the people participating to the event yesterday evening. See you soon!

Visit ( for more details.

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Il y a des choses à découvrir sur ShootMania dans le +Canard PC qui sort à partir d'aujourd'hui dans les kiosques. C'est la première preview au monde de #ShootMania et c'est du lourd, 8 pages !

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+PC INpact Il est louche ce boitier avec son alimentation

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You heard a freaking yell far away while running a race against a challenger when you saw something coming to you right behind... it's not a car, it's not a plane, it has two long ears apparently... oh my... it's a rabbit on a cart!

BWAAAH yes, the Raving Rabbids are coming to TrackMania² Canyon for your biggest fun. For this special occasion check the video introducing this awesome car.

Want to drive it? Download it for free from our brand new ingame store via the ManiaLink "ManiaPlanet-Store".

After downloading it, go on your profile, select "Vehicules" option and activate this new car (please make sure you have your validation code with you. If you have forgotten your validation key, please check out this link to generate a new one).

Talk about it on the forum :

We hope you enjoy racing with the Rabbids, have fun!

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