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Karen Dietz
Sharing your authentic stories to lead and grow your business.
Sharing your authentic stories to lead and grow your business.


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What a fabulous list to use when crafting stories. Plus video examples are included! It's easy to figure out which conflict/ challenge/ problem/ trouble/ struggle type your prefer when crafting your stories. You'll also probably find some conflict types you'll want to add into your mix.

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What a great post this is, with really good insights about engagement -- what it is, what it looks and feels like.

Here are 3 ways to get the most insights from this article: Read it through once as is.Read it through again, and substitute the word "storytelling" for the word "journalism".Read it through a third time, and substitute the word "marketing" for the word "journalism".

Enjoy the read and let's create more engagement!

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I found this post today while reading more about the Paris attacks. I love the backstory and the power of a symbol to both unite people and express what is in their hearts. Please share this article, and the symbol, too. Thanks -- Karen

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What a thorough article with lots of great tips and actions to take. Read it and keep it handy :)

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Love this synopsis of 12 proven archetypes to use in your business storytelling, marketing, and branding. Ffion at +Sparkol did a fabulous job explaining these, and showing each archetype in action in various company ads. For focused and targeted marketing that will grow your business, read the article, grab the archetypes, and get busy!

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This American Life storyteller Ira Glass rocks, and here's a quick video with storytelling advice we rarely hear.

Sure, people have great enthusiasm to become great storytellers in their business, or as a leader, or to change the world. Yet becoming a great storyteller requires practice -- i.e. telling stories a lot.

Most people start practicing and then stop, never achieving their dreams. Why? Because of what Glass talks about in this quick video.

Watch this piece, pay attention, and don't stop practicing when you hit this road bump.

Story on!

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How does the brain change during a digital detox? And what are the amazing benefits to you? This article has some very thought-provoking research to share. Time to unplug for awhile!

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Storytelling in business is very powerful. Here are solid tips for how to use stories to sell your project or influence decision makers.

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If you are interested in your blog being on the cutting edge visually, bringing more engagement and thought leadership, then check out the blog redesign by Lou Hoffman at The Hoffman Agency. Read my review and then hop on over. It's way better storytelling!

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