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RJay Sharpe
Toast to Making It Count.. but Only if you really Made It Count!
Toast to Making It Count.. but Only if you really Made It Count!

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Gettin' over an Ex is Epic..

That moment is a Bitter-Sweat feeling because You're finally smart enough to start moving on.. though you may not want too....

For those who have been there know exactly what I mean.. for those who haven't, get yourself ready! It's an emotion I feel we must all go through in order understand the True meaning of Love...

... I mean, how can you appreciate something you've never Lost..??

Do your thang, Live Life & Don't Rush.. but when that time comes again, take advantage of it.. Love is a Beautiful thing!

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Don't know where I'm goin'.. I just know where I been!

Most girls just wanna know that they're Number One..!
As long as she has no doubts.. almost nothing else matters!

To give Her your sex is one thing.. to give Her your Heart..?? well.. that's where you gotta put a lil' effort in....... Never been there but I'm guessing you'd KNOW if you were willing to do all that... you wouldn't have question yourself.

Knowledge is Everything in anything you do..

I say I'm the Best at my job because I know what I offer! I take my work home & study my own products whereas others just Show Up & work day to day..

I work in Sales.. & I'm the Best because I never actually Sell products...... I educate my guest on the benefits my product can provide for that particular individual.

Never sell an item.. sell the idea/dream behind it!

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Very well done..!!

It's interesting the people You meet throughout Life.. even more interesting are the ones you meet on the Random! Some we choose to allow to stick around while most we let go until even their memories vanish!

It shocks me to meet an older person & learn they've lived their entire Life within their same community. From kids to adulthood, they know no other place! I guess it's up to 'people like me' to Travel around & hopefully persuade 'people like them' to Get Up & Get Out!

I mean, I could be wrong.. but did we all not learn of the wonders of the world during grade school?? Is the world not worth exploring?? I'm thinking outloud & sharing my thoughts with y'all but this message also goes to me.. if you're given the opportunity step outside your comfort zone, I pray you do! From what I've seen so far.. the 'Grass' is definitely greener!

P.S. I'll be leavin' for Brazil in 6 Months.. hope to see my Loved ones Before!! Definitely visiting SD before I go!! Be good y'all!!!

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"I'm asking if anybody out there can come up with even one reason why I'd want to endure this unmitigated shit show for another minute, let alone through 2016"

- President Barack Obama

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It may be the Beginning of Martial Law..

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Alright.. had to share! Pretty Dope..

I've learned within the Last year that in order to Find yourself.. you literally need to be by yourself!! Enjoy the company of others because they bring you Life. But take personal brakes & do what interest you.. you begin to grow Mentally & Emotionally!
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