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Well, here goes my every-few-months experiment trying to figure out Google Plus.

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Also, all romantic songwriters should just stop and get a job on Wall Street or something. You can't beat this.

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All other TV has been a withered corpse since this was aired.

Anyone need or want a Foreman grill? We have two we are trying to get rid of. Please contact us if interested.

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I think Wildstar will be the first non-Warhammer MMO that I'm really going to make an effort with.

Just looked at Destructoid without Adblock on. Good lord.

Reading the Arkham City forums. I will never understand the challenge fetishists and the super-multi-playthrough (5+) people.

So the Google+ Pages are nice, but why no Podcast as an option for type?

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And finally, our goth/industrial/metal show.

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And here's our Television show!
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