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Writing content for a webinar can be daunting. Here are some of our top tips to help get you started on the road to a fantastic webinar:
1. Instructions your attendees how they can interact with you on the session – get them interacting right at the start (start as you mean to go on!).
2. Plan out your session content and include it in the introduction of the webinar. Give your attendees a road map.
3. Decide what method you will be using to get your information across i.e. will you use videos, PowerPoint slides, white boarding or discussions.
4. Keep text brief and to the point.
5. Visuals and Graphics are really important during webinars but must be used to emphasise a point not just as padding.
6. Make sure you have regular interactions throughout the presentation and get delegates interacting early on in the session. This will get there interest and keep it going throughout.
7. It is very important that you are confident in the operation of the webinar software you are using. Practice using all of the tools you have planned until you are 100% confident

Happy Valentine’s day from Emailogic!

Does your email feel like a tragic love story where the star crossed lovers are destined to fail? Here are 4 top tips to fall back in love with your email this Valentine’s day:
1. Love your Rules: Set up rules to move newsletters to a folder so you can read them in your own time (better yet, if you don’t read them then ‘break up’ and cancel your subscription)
2. Be Best Friends with Quicksteps: Save yourself time by setting up quicksteps to perform multiple actions in one click for tasks you complete regularly.
3. Caress your keyboard with Quick Parts: Do you have text you regularly include in emails? Add it to your Quick Parts gallery and it will pop up as soon as you start typing. Click enter and it will auto complete.
4. Concentration is the key to your heart: turn off your email alerts so you can concentrate on your work until you are ready to respond

With the global economy becoming more prevalent working with people worldwide is becoming the norm. This mean we all have to create good working relationships with colleagues, customers and suppliers we may never ‘meet’.
Here are some tips and hints to help you create and maintain great remote working relationships in your organisation
Tip 1: When using webinar software make sure you are confident in the technical aspects.
Tip 2: Don’t always set meetings at the same time. Take other timezones into account and make sure certain people aren’t always staying late or coming in early to attend.
Tip 3: Agree some clear communication ground rules so everyone knows what is expected – and when.

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It can be an expensive business when it comes to training staff. Booking rooms, travel and time spent all contribute. With all the new technologies available why not consider remote training using the fantastic software that is now available. Not sure which to choose? Click on the link to read a comparison of 10 different systems:

Have you noticed that Virtual Reality seems to be creeping into everyday life when not so long ago it was the realms of Science fiction? We certainly have and we are excited at what this could mean for business. Are there any ways in which you think virtual reality could help your business?
Maybe virtual reality meetings are the next technological step….

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Struggling to decide on note-taking software for your meetings? Here is a comprehensive comparison of the top Note-taking software apps of 2016:

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Taking effectives notes in a meeting can really help the whole process run smoothly. Here is a great article with some simple tips on how to take effective notes:

Every holiday season people ask us for tips on getting through the dreaded post-holiday inbox. If you’re feeling like it’s an insurmountable task here are a few tips to help you get back on track.
1. Turn your email alert off to avoid being distracted by incoming email while sorting through the backlog.
2. Make sure you schedule in time to process your inbox with no other distractions.
3. Use the sort function or filters to group your email by sender or subject – this makes it easy to delete irrelevant email.
4. Before opening any emails create an ‘action’ folder for any priority emails you want to deal with first of all.
5. With an overflowing inbox use your processing time to write a to do list from your emails, once your inbox is back under control you can work from your to do list without getting distracted by new emails.

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