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Justin Suzuki
Podcaster, Gamer, Geek Generalist
Podcaster, Gamer, Geek Generalist

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Goodbye, Mr. Spock. 

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More about the Babyface Podcast show I mentioned earlier. 

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This is a podcast I am proud to be a part of. It's host, +Maureen Riordon​, is someone who will inspire you to achieve your goals. This show will be about Maureen's life and her tips on healthy living, positivity, and just doing great things. Please take a listen. 
Yep! Join me and my co-host #JustinSuzuki every two weeks for the new Baby Face Podcast! Find out what it's all about by clicking on the following link and listening to Episode Zero!

#TeamBabyFace #BabyFaceFoundation #BabyFacePodcast #GetInvolved #BeThePhoenix #ChangeTheWorld #BeTheChange 

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Hello Kettle
Being a fan of sports and geeky hobbies such as role playing games, allows me to find a good time almost anywhere I go. Well that might be overstating things, but it isn't hard to fill a few hours of free time with some form of entertainment. Being a fan of...

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The gaming charity event I help organize is coming up this Saturday. If you are in Colorado this Saturday and want to game to help feed the needy check out #ThanksGaming

And if you can, help me spread the word. 

#GoogleInbox  is an interesting reimagining of how to organize email. It is an adjustment to rethink how to read emails however. 

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I'm still alive and podcasting. :)

The +Bundle of Holding offering is quite awesome this time around. The #BundleofTentacles  has some great Madness gaming in it and includes one of my favorites, #tremulus , for a great low price. And it's all for a good cause. 

Do you want to help out my charity Gamers Giving with our event #ThanksGaming by providing prize support? Get in touch with me! We are an official 501c3 and your donation would be tax deductible! 

I just cleared the last hurdle to running Knight of Injustice at #Tacticon . Everything is ready to go and I have less than a week to spare! Now I just need to talk +Sequoyah Wright to let me play test it on him and a few other friends. :) 
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