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This is a small indie comic of some of my friends. They have done a great job of the story so far and are trying to get issue #5 out. Just doing my part to spread the word.

It's 2:30 am and I just finished "13 Reasons Why." WOW Powerful series.
It is about teen suicide if that is a trigger for you, I won't say anything other than that and that it is worth a watch. 

I am about to start in a Cypher System game that will be online. I want to have a google sheet character sheet for the players. Is this something that already exist or do I need to create one?

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Hey everyone,

Just doing my part to share this beautiful short film set in the Numenera world. It is only 10 minutes but does a wonderful job introducing the setting. Great for new people to the world.
Now you can watch the Numenera: Strand short film for free on YouTube and Vimeo!

Sitting down to FINALLY watch "Rogue One". (One excited nerd plus two of his little nerds)

I am new-ish to running PbtA games and am having a struggle with the game I am currently running for my family.   There are no moves for observing/examining a non-magical location or object.   Is the point to always have the player observe something arcane or ancient?  Do I just give them the info or ask them about it, if the place is not arcane/ancient ?   The players keep asking me about things that do not fit that move and I am at a loss sometimes.  

Any help for a newer GM?

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A player in one of the games I am in mention this band.  I had never heard of them so I went on a google search.  After a dozen or 20 videos later, I am hooked.  I love their sound and attitude.   They are "giving me life!" :-D

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Another poll in the PbP game, this time it has a serious impact on Motley (me).   Please vote.

Just got my playtest documents for the new Star Trek rpg. I am excited to run this for my group(s). 

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Sorry for any duplication but I want to get this out to as many people I know.  

I am in this game so if you are interested in participating then follow +Richard Rogers post. 
This should be a blast!

I am playing Motley, the chopper. :-D 
Welcome to an experiment in interactive play-by-post tabletop RPGs.
I am running a game of Apocalypse World 2nd edition (by +Meguey Baker and +Vincent Baker) using an old Cyberspace supplement called Death Valley Free Prison as a loose framework.

Layered on top of that setting, which is a futuristic prison walled off in Death Valley, is the idea that there are cameras all over DFVP, satellite and local, and the rest of the world (the rich and elite) is "tuning in". That's right, DVFP is the most popular reality show in the future!

Think Mad Max meets Hunger Games, with a hint of Running Man mixed in.

(and yes +Phil Vecchione, a nod to Underground RPG's Combat! Combat! Combat!)

There are Audience Rules for this game! I will be posting up scenes (which are threads on a forum where we're playing) in this collection. When Audience moves are engaged (I'll list them in a future post), I will put up a poll as well as a link to the active scene where it applies. the poll will be active for a limited time, and the results of your votes on the poll will directly affect the mechanics of that scene!

Reading every scene isn't required. You can "channel flip", drop in and catch up, then vote, or just vote blindly, for fun. Your call. The players in this game are all top notch, and I'm excited to give this game a whirl for the next three months.

Follow this collection and I'll keep you involved in AW DVFP. It's going to be a riot!!!!
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