Sam Harris, neuroscientist and author of the New York Times bestsellers, The End of Faith, Letter to a Christian Nation, and The Moral Landscape.
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I've suspected Sam Harris is a closeted, "intellectualized" racist for a long time, and whatever doubt one might have had up until now, it's finally official. The ludicrous way he's gone after Islamic scripture for all these years without taking into account what the Bible says about the same issues, requires him to be either a moron, a christian or a racist, and he's not a christian and he's not a moron.

He's become a real douche, though. The last time he was on Bill Maher's show, he accidentally blurted out in the middle of a sentence that he himself started the new wave of atheism the last decade. The soft-spoken captain obvious coat-tailing Dawkins, Hitchens and Dennet started the movement. Yes, certainly. And I built the Eiffel Tower. Bill Maher looked surprised, and asked "Really?", Sam just said "Yes" and hurried on. I bet I know someone who won't get invited back to the show. Either for that reason, or because he now wants ragheads and sandn****rs to walk in a different line than us white people in airports.
hm. this "racist" word is going to be the same bullshit as "Godwin law". Define it before you use it.
I mean: let's assume, clearly as thought experiment, that there is some group of people with purple skin living in some lost island in Pacific ocean. They are primitives without real education, with some technical stuff from Red Cross (or some other organization like that) and totally weird animistic religion with lots of rules and prohibitions which include female circumcision, regular tortures, xenophobic point of view on other races and nations, honor killing and I-do-not-know-what-other-bullshit.
Now - when I say "purples are crazy primitives with low, dangerous culture and they should be not allowed to come to our country, practicing of their religion should be prohibit (especially those parts which include damaging their children) and they are, in general, on lower level of cultural evolution" - am I racist, or am I just somebody who says what is true (although politically incorrect) and who suggest pragmatic behavior toward them?
+Petr Mazak You're a dumbshit. Sorry to break it to you. And yes, you're a racist brute, definitely not the intellectualized kind. Since you're between 25 and 30, the boat has left and you weren't on it. You're gonna be a dumbshit racist the rest of your life, and go on arguing like a broken piece of machinery, oblivious to how people react to it, about ... well, the shit-ton of bullshit you just wrote. It's not just stupid, it's stupid in ten different ways at the same time. A real stink bomb. It's the kind of thing someone hears and think "Oh my God, this guy's doomed, he can't improve. Let's just hope he has some kind of easy job to keep him occupied, so he doesn't start shooting pretty girls in the head for walking away when he starts talking about the modern age problem of political correctness and how it's dirtying the imaginary carpets in his imaginary castle".

+Stephen Jones I actually wrote a mile-long reply to your comment yesterday, and accidentally closed the mother-loving browser before I hit send. I almost died. I'll see if I can reconstruct it and try again tomorrow.
24. Almost. You know, it is really hard to find what you wanted to say in all that abusive words which you address me (I'm not offended, just could you write the point and than all that idiots? Or idiots first and than the point...)

And I think that you misunderstand me, I tried to point out that there is some cultural background which is common to all groups of people and that this cultural background can be considered inferior on moral ground. In that case, at least most people which do belong to this group will have inferior moral standards and can be referred as such.
(and sorry, any culture with honor killing or female circumcision is morally inferior to me without any doubt). I don't claim that it is in their genes, but our cultural foundations are, by my opinion, more important than our genetic foundation.

Than I add that part about purple skin just to point out, that referring to "racism" anytime can lead to nonsenses, when you miss the real point of moral inferiority of some group just because of race correlation, which is not merit of the problem.
Actually, you just demonstrated my point quite well.
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