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Why I Sucked Pt. III - Why I Got Better
Short answer: Because I was healthy. * Longer answer: Consistency breeds results. Results breed confidence. Confidence breeds consistency in one's methods, I guess. It's like a positive feedback loop. When you're on a roll, it is hard to falter and lose m...

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XC - CIS 2016
So much has happened before CIS. So much has happened since. I could talk about it all, but sadly, time escapes me. Exams, applications, briefly being social, etc. I have decided to keep it down to basics. Despite getting a good amount of compliments on my ...

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Walking on glass
This one will be short. Why? Because for the first time in my adult life, I don't have much to say. I've typecast myself as a writer of long, illustrious posts in the past while. This one will unfortunately not live up to expectations. Most of my ramblings ...

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Good things come in twos. Crosby and Malkin, Ernie and Bert, Chuck et Albert etc. That was good enough logic for me to compose this blog in two parts. If you are short for time, enjoy the first half, as the hardware precedes the software. If you want a glim...

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Track 2016 - From Every Angle
It's about that time again. The bruises are being treated, the spikes have been put away, and some Snyder's Hot Buffalo Wings pretzels are being consumed by Cal and I. (Yo Snyder's, this is a total attempt at snagging a sponsorship!) Another season has pass...

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XC2015 - The Aftermath
8 days have passed 2lbs have been gained   60 perceived lbs have been gained 1 cold has been caught About 20 blurry pictures have been deleted off my phone. Yeah, I guess this is what we call the fallout. The hangover that follows the cross country season i...

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Summer of training 2015
I’m writing this post staring out the window of our newly floored and revamped home on the top of Greening hill. Other than the melting of snowmen, Antigonish hasn’t changed since the end of our indoor track season of 2015. An air laced with the scent of th...

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A Tribute
She hated hockey. If she would have had it her way, she would have spent her days locked in her room eating All Dressed Crispers while playing with her TY brand plush kittens. But she needed to do something to gain her share of the family limelight back fro...

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Ottawa Race Weekend - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
-HOW'D IT GO -Ahh not bad I ran a 10k in 32 min -OOH I HAVE A FRIEND WHO DID IT IN LIKE 7 BUT DONT FEEL BAD SHE DOES MARATHONS -Everyone Above is an excerpt from my hilarious twitter account that I advertise way too much (that's @cyresy_10 by the way). Wher...

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Those 3 words
60 long treadmill minutes have finally passed. Sweating, I glance at my faded reflection in the window overlooking the Evangeline ice surface. 3 words come to mind, and this time, they are not 'tall, dark, and handsome.' No, these 3 words are no joke. They ...
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