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Vincenzo Bilof
Horror writer-Author of "Nightmare of the Dead" and "Necropolis Now: Zombie Ascension"
Horror writer-Author of "Nightmare of the Dead" and "Necropolis Now: Zombie Ascension"


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I have a new website! I am keeping this thing up with all the old posts for a little while, but I have moved my official website to: THANK YOU FOR VISITING! 

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Melanie Trumps Education
(Pre-disclaimer disclaimer: I do not endorse either political party. If Hilary Clinton committed a crime, then Charon will meet her at the dock and turn her ass away because she don’t have enough coins in the world for him…) One of our favorite talking head...

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Goodbye, Dark Souls
I have been a Dark Souls fanatic for a long time. I will never claim to be a “pro” gamer, nor will I suggest that the games are always easy for me.  Each Souls game, in my opinion, is a 10/10. I love every game in the series. I am not any kind of video game...

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Emerging Voices in Genre Fiction
Today is a day I give back to the writing community for all the good things that have been done for me. I have chosen to write about three authors from three completely different social circles from the social media world; neither of these authors have been...

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Deconstructing the Writer: Advance Praise for The Violators
Art by Dyer Wilk Copyright 2015 (Stuff appearing in this blog post: Biographical diatribe, advertising, more advertising, and book reviews).  I like to think I have read a lot of books, but my reading experiences have dwindled considerably over the years. E...

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CLICK HERE TO BUY KINDLE VERSION Whenever I drop a new book, I look forward to writing this post. As a writer, I enjoying SHOWING readers the world that I have created, and as a person who learns from visual models, I love discussing potential actors in the...

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“We already have Brautigan, Vonnegut, and Russ Meyer, but who
can claim to be Vincenzo Bilof?”                 —The
Novel Pursuit HELLO OUT THERE! It has been a little while since I've said anything at all, which seems to be more evident the older I become....

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Meet the Vampire Strippers
Before I introduce you to the world-eating vampire strippers, I want to take a moment to apologize. You see, the book’s title is a bit misleading. Let’s say you walk into a book store, want a fun, quick escapist-style book to check out, and you see this cra...

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Dream Cast for Zombie Ascension 3: SAINT PAIN
I absolutely love doing fantasy lineups for movies. A part
of me loves the idea that readers should be able to envision characters on
their own; the fanboy in me used to speculate about who would play Aragorn in a
Lord of the Rings movie, until at last, tho...
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