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Some Extra Resources
Here are some extra study resources to help with your meditation on the revelation of righteousness. First, this free bible school course.  It is called "Your liberty in Christ". You will have to sign up for it and you will get an email link to the course. ...
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Hey all, is there still a setting in desktop effects to adjust the speed? I can't find it if it is included in 14.04. Thanks

desperate for help. I tried to install a ROM today and did a format on my phone. I can boot into recovery, but cannot mount it on a USB. i cannot use android file transfer (Mac) to copy a new ROM over to the device. Is there anything i can do?

whats the best lightweight video player for Nexus 6? And by "best", I mean not choppy for an mp4.. thanks!

hey all, from the link for the Nexus 6, i see a download for rc  7 and rc 8.. If these are release candidates, will i have to do a clean wipe again when the next stable release is .... well... released? 

What is the best tool to use to root a Nexus 6 from a mac?

So, if i root my phone and install an aftermarket ROM, does this solve the whole "forced encryption" issue?

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is there a setting that allows the phone ringer to always ring through the speaker, even if using a bluetooth headset? I have my headset connected often, but not always on my head. I am missing calls because the phone only rings through the headset.
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