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David Phillips
For the love of art and harmony in all their usual and unusual forms.
For the love of art and harmony in all their usual and unusual forms.


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How amusing that your first graphic "All together now" by Matt Blease is silos. My long history (going back to Google Apps For Your Domain) with the product has been punctuated by periods of significant aggravation at the limitations placed on the product: couldn't use it on Picassa, can't use it on Project Fi, can't use it as the principal account on a Google phone, and most recently, can't use it on a Google Home device.

Actually, I suspect the problem is not "limitations PLACED ON the product" but instead a slower development cycle for this product silo on the Google farm.

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Adam & Tilly Argentine Tango Workshop
The official 2016 USA Tango De Pista Champions

LAST WEEK for Early Bird savings!

Balance Dance Studios, studio 2&3
4544 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78745
(Building 200, just beyond BRAVO).


Friday, June 10, 2016. 7pm - Connection

Saturday, June 11, 2016. 3pm - Fancy Paradas
Saturday, June 11, 2016. 4:30pm - Walking Patterns

Sunday, June 12, 2016. 4pm (1hr later!) - Sacada Possibilities
Sunday, June 12, 2016. 5:30pm - Turning For Fun and Profit

$25 a class, BUT...
-$5 for Early Bird sign up ends FRIDAY, MAY 13th
-$3 for full workshop sign up
-$2 for couples signing up
As much as 40% off, only $15 a class if you act now!

Quick and easy SIGN UP at:

Private lesson with one teacher $100 an hour.
Private lesson with both teachers $150 an hour.

Registration now open:

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Change Labels to Tags. Labels, folders - fine for whoever likes one or the other. I find Labels tedious to manage, and the user interface is clumsy as hell, requiring frequents shifts from keyboard to mouse.

I want a more generally useful capability. I'd like a private text area associated with each message. That is, a way to attach notes to email messages without those notes becoming part of the message (and running the risk that it gets sent with a reply or forward). Then I could add hashtags and other notes about the message. And of course I'd want Search to search within these text add-ons just the same as with regular message text.

Labels/Folders in the sidebar? How about virtual folders with these settings: Display name (the displayed name of the "folder" in your email), Visibility settings (Always, Never, When unread messages), and Search formula.

Email: GMail developers understood that reverse chronological order, that is, like a real inbox, where the most recent stuff goes in on top, makes the most sense, so that you most quickly see the most recent (and presumably urgent) stuff.

Well why wouldn't this be true for both Replies to existing messages in your Inbox, as well as inside the Message threads themselves?

Someone prefers one way or another? Easy! Allow choices in Settings.

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Add a link to this Suggestion page to the Google Contact Us page

When I searched high and low for where to make suggestions, all I found was this page where it says, "We are temporarily hitting the 'pause' button so we can take some time to analyze all the great feedback and ideas we've received here. Our team will follow up in a few weeks with our thoughts, and we'll be excited to gather your input on our thoughts as well!" That's a laugh. That statement has been there for how many years? With no responses.

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Scott Young has some truly great advice (both for fee and for free) on learning. How to go about learning. How to learn better and faster. How to learn deeper. How to develop the habits that support learning. Mindful practice. How to move beyond plateaus.

This article – – on different issues and strategies for beginners versus advanced learners is one of the best. (In the Comments there, the one on long distance running is good, too.) Whether it’s learning a physical skill or an academic subject, Scott’s blog post has real value. Hat’s off, and I recommend it wholeheartedly to your study to understand his strategies . . .

Learning Efficiently as a Beginner
1. Use the skill as early as possible.
2. Slow down and break down.
3. Set up regular habits for practice.

Learning Efficiently as an Advanced Learner
1. Separate work from practice.
2. Set a “level up” goal.
3. Learn complementary skills.

#tango #learning  

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"The best leaders in dance are able to communicate clearly their intentions without any attachment to the outcome." Sharna Fabiano, by way of a good article on horse leader/follower and Argentine tango dancer leader/follower in the latest newsletter of Integrative Horsemanship. (Thank you, Dena.) #tango

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This article with "5 Self-tracking tips" suggested to me "3 Post-dance logging tips" that I present very briefly here: #tango  
#dancing   #practice  

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I was surprised and pleased by the reactions I got last night when I used the Change of Direction 2 sequence I learned from One lady said, "I don't know what I just did, but that felt neat!" The other comments were in a similar vein. A pleasant surprise for everyone.

To produce the sequence (see also, Learning from web videos), you can get to #3 of the eight-count basic — in a position backing line of dance — any number of ways, even starting out against line of dance and going #2, #3, and then backing and pivoting instead of continuing to #4. The sequence they used to get there is a nice move in its own right: from #5, the cross, (get there from walking, ocho cortado, or whatever), step Right around her leading her to pivot on the front-crossed foot. Step backward while opening on the closed side for her to uncross and step into the #3 position.

The couple is on parallel feet, man outside on open side, he stepping back, she forward. The key concept here is for both dancers to be able to step-pivot together as a unit. At completion of approximately 180 degrees of rotation, her left leg will land behind her and he will lead her side open in a molinete to his left. Well it so happens that his leg was in the way, still in #3 position, so when she steps side she gives sacada to him. He can simply collect or do some form of boleo as he collects.

Finish the molinete in whatever way fits the music and your whims. #tango  
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