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Here is what it would be like to have Microsoft SQL Server on Linux


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Both rectangles are moving at constant speed

At least that's what the creator of this illusion says!  It looks like the yellow and blue rectangles are taking turns going forward - one step at a time.

This is an illusion that's so good it's hard to believe it's an illusion. When the black and white lines disappear, it's easy to see the rectangles are moving at constant speed.  But before that they seem to be taking turns, and pausing when they reach each new line.

Could the creator of this illusion be cheating - fooling you into thinking there's an illusion?   How can you tell, except by making your own version of this animated gif?

Hide one rectangle with your hand.  Then look closely at the other.  Try not to look at the black and white lines.  I think you'll see the rectangle is moving at constant speed.

But if you look away, and watch the rectangle with your peripheral vision, it will seem to move in steps.

We don't just "see what's there".  We construct a mental model of reality from sensory data.  We need  to do this.  But people can manipulate this. 

It's not optical illusions we need to worry about.  It's political illusions, economic illusions, social illusions.  We think we're just seeing what's there... but we're actually constructing a model of reality.  And politicians and other people are busy trying to shape your model, so you'll do what they want.  Escaping their illusions is much, much harder than escaping this optical illusion.

You can probably think of many examples of other  people who are fooled by politicians, ideologies, doctrines and dogmas.   Now list the ways in which you are being fooled.

Oh, you think you're better than average?  Join the club.

Puzzle 1: name the biggest way you've been fooled by an ideology, political or religious illusion.

Puzzle 2: name a way you're just starting to realize that you're being fooled by such an illusion.

For Puzzle 2, it should be just as hard to really believe you're being fooled as it is with this optical illusion.  For example: right now I'm just starting to realize that I'd been fooled into wanting to be a 'bigshot': well-known, and seemingly 'important'.  But it's hard to break out of this belief.  Even now, I'm trying to get you to pay attention to me.

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POLL: In which version of Android did you Started using an ANDROID OS Device...?

We started in CUPCAKE v1.5 

How About you..?
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