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English Rose
Beauty , Skincare & Nails Blogger!
Beauty , Skincare & Nails Blogger!

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Before it all begun..
You know that thought deep in the back of your mind of how you want you're life to be but always think its never actually going to happen? Well for me, its happening! In recent events ive agreed to go self employed! Eeek! There is much to do! First things f...

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My Journey starts today!
Today is
such a sad day, we say goodbye to the one and only Alan Rickman! Known very
well as 'Professor Snape' He was fantastic at what he did and will be missed
by many! Bowie and Rickman in the same week! What is the world coming
to!?  In my last
blog pos...

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A Massive Life Choice!
Well as we all hope a new year will be a good year,
my year has unfortunately started off not so well and it has kind of left me re
evaluating everything!  So on the 7th of Jan I was let go from my job due
to the company making cutbacks, and this situation ...

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Seeing in a new light
So its been awhile since i last blogged due to the festive christmas period and more hours at work with the added stress of moving house! But i intend to resume my blog posts on mondays and wednesdays!  Now we have entered 2016 and we are all hoping it brin...

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Works Christmas Doo!
So its that time of the year again where everyone from work meets up and gets drunk!  Its perfect for bonding, and making those memories that you cant live down.  This year (my first year at this particular salon) we chose to go to the NEC in Birmingham, wh...

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All The Bright Places - Jennifer Niven
Reading other peoples blogs really inspire me, i love to hear what thoughts people have and their opinions, so reading their blogs is a window into their minds.  Reading blogs every day and most of the day really got me into reading, and if anyone knows me ...

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A blogging lifesaver
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