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Bill Jordan
Oppositelocks Mustang Man.
Oppositelocks Mustang Man.

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Still alive.
Busy as can be. Still not around much, but now I can at least pop in once or twice a day and not feel guilty.  We are running near 24 hours a day here. Ive got about 4 hours sleep a night for the past 2 weeks.

Love ya all except for that +John Stasny guy.
Making this public just in case I missed adding someone back let me know I need too! I added everyone back that was following me. Man that cleared out a bunch of random people!)

P.S. Steve even with elbow patches is cooler than you.
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I need to step away.
I didn't want to pull a disappearing act with no comment.

Things are busy with work, and G+ is just sucking time when I should be focusing on that.

I deleted my profile. As the only sane way I could not fall back in the rabbit hole.  Just tossed a few of you into my follows that I saw on Kellys post so the word could get out.

Please dont take offense if I didn't add you.  I just didn't want there to be a OMG where did Bill go thing.

Not a goodbye just a see ya down the road some time.
If ya need to get a hold of me, or have a gun question feel free to contact me anytime.

Have really enjoyed spending time with you guys!
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