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Anyone getting Google services force closing frequently? It's killing my battery drastically because the system keeps resetting.

So I thought it was the updates that messed up my phone. Constant freezes and some occasional reboots. I switched launchers and it's been a week and my phone has run flawlessly. Anyone have any thoughts?

I just bought a turbo/6speed. My first oil change is coming up. What oil do you guys use? I bought the OEM oil filter from hyundai and I'm thinking about using mobile 1 full synthetic 5w-20

After latest monthly update my phone has been rebooting and constantly freezing. Anyone else? I'm highly considering buying the pixel XL. My phone gets worse after every update and it's only a few months old.

Everytime I get an update from Google, something brakes on my phone. It is extremely annoying. My apps start going crazy, the phone restarts on its own etc. The only way I fix it is if I factory data reset the phone. Which is another pain in the ass because I have to recover everything. Wish they had better ways to implement otas

Anyone know a way that Google maps or Waze won't eat up the battery as much?

Anyone experiencing random signal drops and then having to restart your phone to get it back? Stock 7.1.1. quite frustrating when driving.

Updated to 7.1.1 and my phone's screen keeps waking up even when the ambient display option is off.

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Anyone use youtube red? is it worth it?
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