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Lol. A t-shirt for all the web devs in love out there :-)

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I didn't check on my birthday either :-(
That is awesome - Google changes your logo when it's your birthday and you're logged in. Now I want a cupcake.

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Very interesting...
The distance from our sun to the next nearest star is 4 light years. What would the night sky look like if stars were a lot closer?

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We can either pay the farmers or the hospital. I vote to pay the farmer. Just say no to the sparkly cereal.
This kid knowssss what is going on!!!!

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If you believe its love neither of you should give up no matter the obstacles. Just because it's love doesn't mean it has to be easy.
way too good not to share

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Code Academy rocks! I am loving the free lessons I get in email every week and see this as a sign that Code Academy will be the place to go for learning to code. And with this news it will not just be generic lessons. It will be real world coding with real world lessons from real world coders about real world challenges.

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Good article for those of you interested in the history of College football or the NFL.

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Heroes come from everywhere. Some of mine are musicians. Some are scientists. One is my mama. Tom Brady, quarterback of +New England Patriots is one of my greatest. An inspiration to work hard for what you love - Even and especially because it's not easy, it's unlikely, and giving in or giving up would've was the most obvious choice. Watch This Video Moment : Tom Remembers The Day He Almost Didn't Get Drafted

"Poor build. Skinny. Lacks great physical stature and strength. Lacks mobility. Lacks a strong arm. Can't drive the ball down field. Gets knocked down easily." That was the the draft report on Tom Brady. 6 Quarterbacks were drafted before him. He was picked 199th overall in the 6th round of the NFL draft. An afterthought.

He worked, studied, practiced and believed and when the chance to play came - he grabbed his moment and never let go.

Three Superbowls Rings, Countless Records Broken, 2 Superbowl MVPs later...
And every day he wakes up ready to earn his dream. That means so much to me. Late draft. No connections. No one saw it coming. He's a grateful guy who loves his craft. Total hero.

Thank you Tom for giving me the heart to believe all those times I felt unseen and unheard, and undrafted.


Ps. I know the thumbnail picture for the video isn't Tom... it's one part of a larger series about Tommy called "The Brady 6" - A look at Tom's career and the 6 quarterbacks drafted before him.
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