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Damon Gudaitis
Internet marketing, traveling, writing, cycling, and home brewing.
Internet marketing, traveling, writing, cycling, and home brewing.

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I just want to be certain that I understand the User scope for Custom Dimensions and understand how it affects measurement.

I'm passing the user level from a member site built in Wordpress to GA via the GTM data layer.

My understanding, based on the above documentation, is as follows.

An admin or member who shows up (and isn't automatically logged in via cookie) will be counted as a "user" (the default user level for non-members). Even if they log in, the pages that they visit will be measured as "user" hits while the pages after they log in will be "member" or "admin".

Or is it that the first visit by an admin will count as a user, but once that user has logged in and is tagged as an admin all subsequent page views and sessions will be counted as admin views.

Thanks for helping me clear this up.

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I canoed from Tofino to Hot Springs Cove and back last week.

I didn't take many pictures, but did pull out the phone for a few shots on the trip.
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My first contribution to a series on #MisleadingMarketingQuotes generally focused on B2B.
I've decided to start calling out ‪#‎MisleadingMarketingQuotes‬ because we marketers are so good at them.

Here's my first from Forrester.

"B2B marketers who implement marketing automation increase their sales-pipeline contribution by 10%." Source:…/the-marketing-automation-s…

The problem? Most (read virtually all) small B2B businesses aren't measuring marketing's sales-pipeline contribution. If you run a small business, these results are probably from firms of a different size.

Put another way, your success with marketing automation and your ability to measure success are both dependent on having a technology operations level of sophistication that is beyond most small businesses.

I launched my tech-focused marketing consultancy +Caret Juice Marketing today.

The Google+ page is a little sad and ghost-towney and I'd consider anyone adding it to one of their circles to be doing me a great favor.

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This is pretty good evidence  that animals are a lot more intelligent than we give them credit for.

These animals were shot with poison arrows by humans, had never been to the wildlife shelter but had mated with elephants raised at the shelter, and knew to go to the shelter to seek help from humans.

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As a lifetime bike commuter, I can't wait for self-driving after reading this.

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If ever there was a good way to disguise insect-based protein it would be in a kale smoothie.

Seriously, if you're drinking a kale smoothie, then you need to realize that aphids are an environmentally friendly source of protein that belong with one of the healthiest food trends today.

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The New York Times goes full BuzzFeed with this opinion piece (a convenient dodge for low standards) complete with a troll title and an article that picks the facts that support it while ignoring facts, like the Conservative government winning the last election despite low support or the fact that there's only one right-wing federal party and four center-left- or left-wing ones.

Golf clap NY Times...

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Like so many things in technology today. This is kind of cool and kind of scary.

"As soon as somebody manages to build a biometric profile of your keystrokes at a network/website where you are otherwise completely anonymous, that same profile can be used to identify you at other sites you’re using, were identifiable information is available about you."

So now that Greece isn't ruled by elected officials but creditors what do we call its government? A creditocracy?

Isn't it a wonderful world we live in where debt is a "moral hazard" that justifies handing a country over to a cabal of banks.
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