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I did an interview on NPR a couple of days ago. I sound like a robot in places but overall I don't seem to have said anything too stupid :)

The paper is here:

(Note: our work looks at blog posts, not comments; perhaps the title refers to commenting in a generic sense but blog comments are typically too short for our method to work.)
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Love the incredulity in her voice that you are "asking the algorithm to predict confidence"!
Just listened to the interview. Nice one ... Missed the intro so I was wondering till the end who it was :). I also found the "confidence" question hilarious. Don't they teach basic statistical concepts in high school math courses here?
Relax, people! I would find it surprising too if I were an outsider. Where in the world do you learn this stuff in high school??!!

Everyone I spoke to including the interviewer was very, very smart. Besides, the whole thing is heavily edited; it's not like she's hearing my answers for the first time and responding to them. She merely expresses surprise for the benefit of the audience. The fact that y'all apparently think it's real shows how good she is.
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