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Lara Larame
A geeky Christian girl who thinks and reads a lot...and would love to be a Companion.
A geeky Christian girl who thinks and reads a lot...and would love to be a Companion.

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Love this! Makes me respect Taylor Swift even more. I own "1989" so I recognized most of the songs he played. That kid is amazingly talented!

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Hello everyone.... A terrible earthquake happened in Kathmandu, Nepal. There are 688 people killed ... some of my team are still there and there was some difficulty in communications. There was an avalanche in mount everest too. My sherpa friends... i tried to call them but i cant contact them.... 😢😢😢.

KIndly Please pray for Nepal... this is going to be a MAJOR CRISES for them... I just thank the Lord that i haven't left for Nepal.. which i am supposed to go there since last month with my team... 😢😢😢😢

(Pic taken during my trip to Kathmandu, Nepal)

Anybody out there familiar with dice rolls and modifiers in live-action RP? I tried to use the Doctor Who LARP gamebook Time Lord a while back to help develop a OC Time Lady character I'd created (despite knowing pretty much nothing about was pretty much just a out-of-the-box character development exercise), but the book itself doesn't have much on character creation. A supplement was created, however, to solve this. But although there is an appropriate character template (Experienced Time Lord), I'm not sure how to figure out her abilities. Certain abilities can be raised to a higher number than the base number by dice modifiers. But all it says on the sheet is things like "Strength 3 (1+D3)" or "Awareness (3+D3)." I figured out the parts in parantheses are the dice modifiers, but I don't know how to use them. The same is true for Skill Points - it says "Skill Points 21 (2D6)." I checked elsewhere in the supplement and in the gamebook and couldn't find an explanation. Any help? (I should mention all I have dice-wise is a pair of normal 6-sided dice, which I bought from a collectibles store cause I was reading this "choose your own adventure" book that occasionally required dice rolls).

I am starting to think my Torchwood crossover adventure for my Alys Reed story is not going to work. Was just browsing this article about Torchwood Three, and apparently the Hub was destroyed during the events of Children of Earth, and it doesn't look like Jack & Gwen stay around Cardiff after Miracle Day. Plus, according to RTD, the Rift has closed for good (his take seems to be that it got closed when The Doctor closed the cracks in the universe). So not any reason for The Doctor to go to Cardiff to refuel either.

That being said, I haven't actually seen Torchwood yet (after catching up on New Who, I decided to take a break before watching Torchwood and the rest of SJA), so maybe once I do I can figure out some solution.

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Only if I was from England 😕

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Just caught up on the first two episodes of Broadchurch Series 2 and who do I see? Adjoa Andoh (Martha's mom) and Eve Myles (Gwen in Torchwood)! Seems more DW actors are making their way to Broadchurch. 😃

Andoh is only in the first episode, as some unnamed therapist Ellie sees (at least I think she's a therapist; the context of the scene suggests that). Eve plays a recurring character named Claire Ashworth who has to do with that other case Hardy was involved with before coming to Broadchurch. 
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Last night after work, I was going through my Netflix queue looking for something to watch, and ended up checking out Digimon Tamers, a newer series of Digimon known outside Japan as season 3 of Digimon Adventure. Watched the first 3 episodes last night and it seems pretty cool. Basically, it's related to Digimon Adventure in that some Digimon from DA are mentioned, but in the Digimon Tamers universe, the events of DA and DA02 are a TV show which has spawned a TCG, which hero Takato plays with his friends. However, his card scanner from the TCG somehow morphs into a real Digivice, and when one night he tries to scan the drawings he's made of a Digimon he made up called Guilmon, his notepad gets stuck in it and the device of its own accord scans the pages and creates Guilmon for real.

The main difference so far between this show and DA is that all the action - including battles and Digivolving and stuff - takes place in the real world, rather than the digital world. Battles are supposed to take place in a "digital field" represented in the real world by a strange mist, but the last couple battles haven't. The advantage of the field is that battles can take place with no real-world damage (like this one battle that happens in a parking garage where a few cars get damaged). Also obviously the main characters are different, though Takato kinda looks like Taichi from DA.

Anyway, it's worth checking out!

Finally watched "Last Christmas" a couple nights ago. Not as part of the Christmas marathon - I gave that up - but by itself.

Seriously why do all these people think it was dumb? True, there's a lot of Whouffle (or Whouffaldi or whatever they're calling that ship now) and that's not my OTP but oh well. Yes it was about dreams like "Amy's Choice" was. (Some people have said "Last Christmas" was just "Amy's Choice" all over again). But I still thought it was good even if the plot was a bit of a mind screw. But then, like The Doctor said, dreams are disjointed, they usually don't make sense, and so it makes sense for a story that deals with dreams and how we distinguish fantasy from reality to be similarly disjointed.

The dream with the old Clara and The Doctor was kinda bittersweet. It was also a nice throwback to "The Time of The Doctor," to that scene where Clara comes back after all that time and The Doctor is really old. They even had him help her pull the Christmas cracker, like Clara did for the elderly Eleven. 😢

Nice that we got to see Danny too, even if he was a dream. Speaking of Danny, they didn't devote much time to the fact that Clara lied to The Doctor about Danny and The Doctor to her about finding Gallifrey - just that one scene where they admitted to each other that they lied, and that's it. Maybe it'll play out more in Series 9.

I never believed in Santa as a kid - that was never a thing in my family - but I actually kinda liked Nick Frost's Santa. He was pretty sassy. (And a bit full of himself; Capaldi points out in one of the Inside Looks that that's why The Doctor can't stand Santa here). Also Dan Starkey (Strax's actor) plays Ian the elf - I thought one of the elves sounded familiar.

Anyway, this is just my initial reaction. At least, after almost 3 months, I've finally watched it!! And plus, having watched it, I have now seen every episode of New Who that has aired. It took a long time, but I am finally caught up!

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"Do you think he changed them, in their graves?"

Started watching "The End of Time" Part 2 and Wilf asks The Doctor this when mentioning his wife being dead.

Somehow this line seems more chilling given what The Master does in the Series 8 finale...

Just watched "The End of Time" Part 1 for the first time. I have to say, The Master's eating is kinda gross. I couldn't even watch him eat that turkey.

This episode features Wilf as the Companion!! I love Wilf. He's awesome! I noticed he has those antlers on from "Turn Left" again ha ha (actually he has them on in "Voyage of the Damned" too, I just realized last night). Also liked that scene everyone keeps talking about referencing Bernard Cribbins's real life military career, the one where the mysterious lady says to him that he never killed a man. A great scene.

Wilf leading all those old people to look for The Doctor too LOL.

Also cool to see Bernard Cribbins in a TARDIS again, having seen Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 AD, the Peter Cushing DW film Cribbins was in in 1966. (I watched it on YouTube via Lionsgate's VOD YouTube channel; it's on Amazon Instant Video now though).
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