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Essex General Construction Inc
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Essex has been named as a finalist for the Mayor's 2015 Bold Step Sustainability Award!
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On Thursday, March 20 the new Adkison Bridge was dedicated at a ceremony at Mt. Pisgah Arboretum. The bridge is a beautiful and integral part of the trail system in this natural area. Essex staff were some of the many local volunteers that made this project possible.
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Essex is a forward-thinking, experienced general contractor specializing in mid-sized, complex commercial projects in Oregon. 

General contractors brag about their ability to be 'on-time' and 'under-budget.' To us, those are just the beginning. They are the cost of entry. For Essex, we know that it's how we get from here to there that sets us above. We develop partnerships as strong and sturdy as the buildings we construct. They are partnerships built on open communication, a commitment to fairness, and a need to see every project through. 

We are smart about whom we hire, and we're smart enough to treat them right so they stay. No matter what that day brings, we have each other. We can depend on our Essex family to support us, and most importantly, laugh with us. 

Unexpected issues are a constant in our business. We take on the challenge with the knowledge that we will solve whatever comes our way. We have built a foundation based on experience, open, candid communication, and rigorous processes that allow us to overcome any hurdles. It is the most difficult of situations that provide opportunity to show our true mettle. We solve problems, fairly and economically, building loyalty among our partners along the way. 

We are committed to each other. We are committed to our community. We are committed to our partners. And we are committed to our craft. 

We are the Essex team.
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(541) 342-4509
4284 West 7th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97402, United States
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