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Be care about it.
After reading this article I'll think twice about ordering from Flipkart again.

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It's a Boy!
Born 19th May in Chennai
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Serves the Rhino horn consumers right. They deserve it for killing thousands of endangered Rhino's every year just for their horns.

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It's a little early for Friday, but what the hell -

xfwm4 + LXDE + pcmanfm + cairo-dock = productivity heaven

#showyourdesktop   #showyourdesktoplinux  #ubuntu 

I'm not sure what google has done , but the "scroll" mode in google+ absolutely sucks.
It wastes too much screen space showing the "home" menu on the left , "friends" list in the right , and when you scroll down , the top menu always stays onthe top and doesn't scroll away.
I don't know about you google , but most people don't have 1920x1080 screens where you have plenty of pixels to waste to surround the user with useless menu's. #google+ #scroll way too many #menus

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Interesting game reviewed by PNC

y++ everyone

#happynewyear  #2013

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You can understand this only if you have seen the show
Coolest thing ever.

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Running lubuntu 12.04 with screenlets
Dual-monitor setup
Wallpaper from

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