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Drinking vinegar straight from the bottle. Taking my vitamins. Hydrating. Resting. Having trouble focusing on anything. Wondering where my bandanas and Carhartts are. Burning Man in 2 days.
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Will you be posting pics of your adventure whilst you are there?
NO SRSLY and why are the only ones I can find covered in beige paint.

+Andrew Odom yes, if I get a moment. John Curley is always out there, chronicling what we do... he's an amazing photographer and a way cool dude. You'll find his blog entries here and even if there are no photos of me, all my friends will be pictured.
NO SRSLY i can't find mine either. i had 3. maybe volka ate them.
lolololol Dave can't find his either! I think Logan should give out bandanas instead of wifebeaters... but not with the logo on them. Just black bandanas.
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