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Christa Burch
Christa Burch: Contemporary California Celtic Singer: Singular Voice
Christa Burch: Contemporary California Celtic Singer: Singular Voice

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While I'm at it, I'll share one more -- one of my all-time favourite moments: an impromptu appearance with John Doyle, Dennis Cahill, and Jimmy Keane, on stage in 2010 at the much-missed Sebastopol Celtic Festival, singing Robbie O'Connell's wistful "Keg of Brandy". What an amazing moment this was for me... <3

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Found the companion piece to the previous video... this time, I'm singing Robbie O'Connell's "Keg of Brandy" with lovely accompaniment from the lads of Molly's Revenge, this summer at the Culver City Music Festival. Thanks again to the lads for making it all so much fun!

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Hey there, everyone! Well, I'm on Facebook and MySpace, and now I'm on Google+ ... here's hoping we'll connect at one of these places so I can share my music and news with you, and get to know you all better. Thanks to my old friends and fans for all the support you've already given - and for all the newcomers: here's to a vibrant future! <3 C
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