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Oncolytic viruses
Scientists from the August Pi i Sunyer Biomedical Research Institute (Idibaps) and the Biomedical Research Institute (IRB) in Barcelona have succeeded in getting genetically engineered virus selectively to attack tumor cells without healthy ones being affec...

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use fats to pave the 'roads' for their metastases   The metabolism of fats enables the formation of
new lymphatic vessels that, like roads, are used by tumors to expand and
colonize other organs. Processed meat, yes, but in moderation . Today
we have...

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Stem cells
Developed effective and safer synthetic cardiac stem cells  They have the same efficacy as human cardiac
stem cells in promoting repair of heart lesions without increasing the risk of
teratomas.   The
use of stem cells is today the most promising alternativ...

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Government Warns about dangers for teens of e-cigarettes The use of electronic cigarettes among US high
school students has grown 900% between 2011 and 2015 Even
today, there are a number of doubts about the efficacy of electronic cigarettes
- or e-c...

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Spanish scientists design a drug capable of
curbing a variety of autoimmune diseases The compound, an inhibitor of T lymphocyte
activation, is the result of the work of 32 Spanish researchers from CSIC,
IDIBAPS and CNIC. Spanish scientists have designed a d...

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A new class of drugs is able to slow the
progression of alzheimer in mice   The new
'allosteric ligands' of the M1 muscarinic receptor improve cognitive function
and increase the life expectancy of mice with terminal alzheimer's.      Alzheimer's is a neuro...

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Inhibition of mitochondrial mobility may be the key to preventing metastasis
The tumor
cells position their mitochondria in their membranes to obtain the energy
necessary to leave the primary tumor and colonize other organs       Mitochondria are the organelles responsible for
processing nutrients and oxygen to generate energy for t...

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Uric acid neutralizes free radicals in brain damaged by a stroke
The substance is especially
effective in combination with thrombectomy, which consists of extracting a
clot through a catheter At present the only approved therapy to treat stroke in its acute stage - just after the clot obstructs an artery
and le...

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Processed meat also worsens asthma symptoms
of four or more weekly portions of processed meat may increase the likelihood
of worsening asthma symptoms by up to 76%       Processed meat, that is,
all meat that has been subjected to curing, fermentation, smoking, or other
processes to enhan...

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Why you should incorporate fermented foods into your diet
Food and health go hand in hand. Nobody denies it. However, as explained by the authors of the book 'Simbiotic Nutrition', Luis
Antonio Lázaro and Ander Urederra, "people are slave of food drugs". This book proposes a diet based on fermented foods and dire...
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