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Just as Netflix uses an algorithm to recommend movies we ought to see, a Stanford software system offers by-the-moment advice to thousands of server-farm computers on how to efficiently share the workload.

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Stanford doctoral student Christina Delimitrou & Prof. Christos Kozyrakis borrowed an idea from Netflix to improve data center efficiency. (Norbert von der Groeben)

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Hire me at oDesk!

I like to work on challenging projects where I can utilize my skills and experience for the mutual benefit of myself and my customer.

Main focus Magento. My pricing is reasonable. I believe in win win.
I prefer to think outside of the box. If code development will take less time then buying extension I will tell you it. But if you buy nice extension I am happy to help you because I like to read beautiful source code. 

Please keep in mind if you don't care about source code quality it may payoff in long term.

I have my own Magento hosting based on optimized Amazon EC2 servers.
You may boost your performance for only $150/year.  $150/year is like regular Magento hosting price, but I know how to make Magento faster with more flexible server.
Of course it depends on your shop size don't be naive. But with full page cache  it's possible to increase page load speed up to 100 times.

Everyone should know that key components of successful e-commerce store is speed, simplicity, usability and a human touch that you already have ;)
Don't forget about traffic :) I prefer conversion optimization and quality I haven't paid to much attention to SEO hacks.

I am available at US time zone despite I am in Ukraine. I take melatonin drug to sleep better and be healthy. It also helps me to talk less with my friends as I do at daytime :) So I am available at US timezone and I can call your mobile if needed. I like american culture and movies. I will visit US next year so it's always nice to make friends.

I like nootropics time from time. I can work like 24 hours without sleep. But usually I care about my health. Did you know that creatine malat  boosts not only muscle energy? I have fun from work as I like to overcome my confusion. So I just happy to work and don't need anything except basics like food and study. I like Coursera videos and academic culture, Stanford, MIT, Harvard students I will love to talk to you as a customer.

In last summer I participated in Venture Lab courses from Stanford. I like Chuck Eesley approach to make money. I also by accident know his mentor who has billions in his portfolio... It didn't worked out to be in one of his start up team, but it was nice experience :) Down side I got distracted that time and almost forgot about oDesk and money making. So got myself into deadline. So my rating not perfect now :(

Core principles: honesty, integrity, responsibility.

Clear and considered code based on "Code Complete" principles.

I have my own Magento modules:
- Facebook integration
- Banners
- One page checkout.
- Sales reports grouped with customers & guests
- Excel Price Matrix (can adapt to custom excel format)
- Framework to speedup products import/export.
- Layered Navigation
- Custom sales reports with nice export to excel

Google Analytics configuration. MVT, A/B tests. Speed optimization.

P.S. I have calculated that I don't good with money, I forget to make it time from time :) So making near $3000/month should be nice. It's even possible on $8/hour. You may hire me on that rate... But If I will get excited with something else I may forget about you. Don't be cheap hire me at $20/h :)

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(Sun09) Why disliked brands can still prosper--temporarily, anyway.

What brands do you dislike but use anyway? Why?

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The internet is the power to build community @juliandibbell @timoreilly @craignewmark @mozilla

The internet is the power to invest in communities @fredwilson @BradUSV @woodien @bfeld#ourweb

The internet is the power to Ohanian it up a little @kn0thing#ourweb

The internet is the power to share @gob @creativecommons#ourweb
The internet is the power to remix culture @sivavaid @remixeverything @erinmckeown#ourweb

The internet is the power to activate your community @doctorow @RaineyReitman @fightfortheftr

The internet is the power to bring the constitution online @EFF#ourweb

The internet gives you the power to start something, too @gob @amac @gabrielstricker#ourweb
The internet is the power to tell awesome jokes @robdelaney#ourweb

The internet is the power to find your voice @AlisonRosen @chescaleigh#ourweb

The internet is the power to find a cosmic encounter @MerlinLove#ourweb

The internet is the power to fall in love @lilabailey#ourweb

The internet is the power to inspire random acts of kindness @zittrain @jpalfrey @berkmancenter#ourweb

The internet is the power to be together when we want to be (but sometimes it’s ok to be alone instead) @turkle#ourweb

The internet is the power to dance on my own @robynkonichiwa#ourweb

The internet is the power to rediscover citizenship @rmack#ourweb
The internet is the power to learn @jackcwest @alexkozak @khanacademy#ourweb

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Thomas Cover was a man of remarkable breadth in his research interests, making landmark contributions in fields ranging from information theory and mathematical statistics to data compression, pattern recognition and stock market investment strategies.

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