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Ryan Hellyer
Geek, hockey nut, Kiwi, WordPress developer.
Geek, hockey nut, Kiwi, WordPress developer.

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Dang! Those are some big numbers there. Congratulations on your success.

I think the traffic to those big events is due to people knowing about the network from all your regular shows. So I don't think getting massive spikes like that should deter you from making more terrific regular shows.

Post has attachment launched today. It's an awesome little service that I think I will end up using quite a lot, as I use feeds quite extensively.

You can check out a write up on it (by me) on +WP Realm  ...

I'm in Copenhagen :)

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I had a lot of problems with spam on my website. The comments were section was inundated with spam messages and nothing I did seemed to block it. I eventually found some WordPress plugins which helped. I then modified them, combined them together, improved on them and then released my own plugin for blocking spam.

For the past forty days it has blocked 99.99% of all the spam on my website :) 16812 spam messages and only one wasn't blocked :D w00t!

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I'm watching an awesome episode of This Week in Google.

Lots of chatter about the Google Pixel and other happenings within the Googlesphere.

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Hello Google Plus folks. Long time no see! Twitter is annoying me, so I'm going to double dip on both platforms again for a while :)

Interesting tidbit for the day is my new blog post about the WordPress admin dashboard redesign. Check it out on WP Realm, the best source for news and information in the world of WordPress.
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