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Cecil Nixxon
Just kind of happy to be here for now
Just kind of happy to be here for now


Adding more miles on my running regimen... takes me into the night quite often. Last Sunday evening on the Chubb trail I encountered: 4 coyotes, 1 skunk, 1 groundhog, 12+ raccoons, a dozen or so deer, and thousands of little pairs of eyes everywhere in the riparian zone and prairies... all within 10 minutes. Less like the "Teddy Bears Picnic", more like "In the Company of Wolves."
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I once was that young guy who used that incomprehensible 'vi' editor 45 years ago. Now I'm that old guy who uses that incomprehensible 'vi' editor in UNIX. What once was esoteric and hip is now simply esoteric. What the heck happened? 
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